Los Angeles
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Mo'pedlers are a moped group from Los Angeles, California founded December of 2010.

Club Motto

"Take back the night!"

Disclaimer: Our "Take back the night" has no connection to the "Take back the night" movement of women who roam the streets in groups together for safety. Our "Take back the night" movement has more to do with dancing in comfortable shoes, Mopeds and an unshakeable feeling of radical acceptance and compassion for all beings. --Asa Ferry

Quotations about the Mo'pedlers

‎"The Trick to taking back the night is making the night feel like it was its own idea to be taken back"- Colin Ambulance


Gregg Foreman (greggforeman)

Matt Doan (Matt D.)

Sammy Warren (lucifersam) "Siam Cat"

Jenny Webber (jennywebber)

Gypsy Dave ("the upjetter")

Asa Ferry

Sympathy for the Mo'pedlers

We've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul and fate

We we're 'round when Jesus Christ Had his moments of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Pilate Washed his hands and sealed his fate

We've stuck around St. Petersburg When we saw it was a time for a change Killed the Czar and his ministers Anastasia screamed in vain

We rode a tank Held the General's ranks When the Blitzkrieg raged And the bodies stank

We watched the glee While your kings and queens Fought for ten decades For the Gods they made

We shouted out "Who killed the Kennedys?" Well after all everyone had a part in it.

We've laid traps for troubadours Who get killed before they reached Bombay

We believe every cop is a criminal (Except the ones that get our mopeds back) And all the sinners saints As heads is tails just call me Lucifer (Sam) I'm in need of some restraint

So if you meet us, have some courtesy Have some sympathy and some taste Use all your well learned politics Or we'll lay your soul to waste.

Honorary Members

Rufus Ashford (mendomoped)


Machos Tacos

the upjetters

Final holdouts

the gang of one and buoy boondoggle