Minarelli wiring

CDI Conversion

A walk through for changing your minarelli V1 to a CDI that also includes converting a leftover coil into a 12v lighting coil!

This great tutorial was provided by laserboy1977

Images are located here - http://min.us/mCDIconversion

I recently installed a CDI unit for my Minarelli V1. At the same time, I took advantage of using the old ignition coil as the new 12v lighting coil. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Remove the engine covers, plastic fan, and flywheel to gain access to your stator assembly.

Step 2: De-solder all wires to the condenser. Revove the condenser, points, and ignition coil leaving the blue or black wire attached

Step 3: Install the CDI Unit. De-solder the wire going to the lighting coil and keep track of it.

Step 4 Remove the lighting coil. Replace it with the ignition coil.

Step 5 Solder the removed wire from the lighting coil to the wire end of the former ignition coil. This becomes your new 12V coil! Run the two wires from it to your lighting system.

Step 6: Cut the rubber grommet that held the original wires with a razor blade and slide the two new cdi wires through.

Step 7: Connect the wires to your CDI box. Grey to grey. Blue to blue. The Red wire from the CDI box goes to the High Tension Coil. Ther Red wire that is is paired with blue wire goes to your kill switch. Ground the black wire to the bike. Mount the CDI box to the frame.

Step 8:Time your bike bike.

There you have it. I hope this helps.

Wiring Modification

Due to a mysterious problem with my tail light on my 78 Baretta 38 I came up with a work around. This wiring mod enables your brake light to function independent from your kill switch. So here it is.

  1. Disconnect the blue wire from the magneto.
  2. Ground the blue wire coming out of the magneto to the chassis of the bike. I like to ground this wire on one of the screws holding the coil on to ensure a good ground.
  3. On the left hand brake disconnect the wires from the brake light switch.
  4. Solder, crimp, or do whatever you need to connect these wires to each other.
  5. You're going to need to get a new switch for the right side brake lever. The switch you already have is a normally open switch that functions the opposite when installed due to the brake lever. What you need to get is a switch that is a normally closed.
  6. Run a wire from the black wire on the magneto up to the right hand brake light switch. At this point if you don't have the new switch it will not function correctly.
  7. Now connect the black wire to one side of the brake light switch and the blue wire that was already there to the other.
  8. Go ahead and cut the gray wire off that is coming out of the kill switch. If you want to go the extra mile you can due the next part but it isn't necessary.
  9. Take the yellow wire coming out of the headlight switch and cut it leaving enough excess to run it to the left hand brake light switch.
  10. Connect the other end of the wire just cut to the other side of the switch.

What you are basically doing is intercepting the tail light 6V. What this does for you is when both brake handles are pulled. The tail light will shut off and the brake light will turn on. The reason for opening up the tail light circuit for braking is it puts less current strain on the small wires on the moped.