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Welcome to Moped Wiki! This is a comprehensive moped encyclopedia that anyone can edit. We are currently editing over 1,131 articles, and you can help!

This wiki is dedicated to information about mopeds. Expanding it to become the ultimate moped resource will require your help, not only to add new information but also to edit and add to what others have written. On a wiki, everyone is able to create and improve pages — this is a collaborative process where no one person has sole authorship of a particular article.

Moped Wiki is for factual information. Please continue to use the forums for discussion and debate with other moped enthusiasts.

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Contributing to Moped Wiki

In early 2021, editing this wiki got much easier thanks to the addition of the visual editor. You can still choose to use the traditional wikitext editor if you prefer, but for most situations it shouldn't be necessary.

To make a new page on the wiki, just go to a page that doesn't exist and edit it. You can do this in 3 ways:

  1. Search for something, have it not be found, then choose to create it.
  2. Follow red links, which are internal wiki links to pages that don't yet exist.
  3. Just type in a wiki URL that doesn't yet exist.

Pages are interconnected through links. You can help this process by adding wiki links on keywords, even if the pages do not yet exist. Also, please remember to link any articles you write to the appropriate category (or categories).

If you'd like to contribute, the following pages are a good place to start.

  • Help Pages — more information on how wiki editing works
  • Wanted Pages — pages that people have linked to, but don't yet exist
  • Stub Pages — pages that are started, but could use more info

This wiki will be as useful as you make it — everyone has the power to contribute!

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