Macro photography comes in handy when taking pictures and asking for help on your moped parts. porting jobs, case matching, what is this part, etc etc. Now, many people will just take a picture of something and say hey what is this?

This little guide is to help you and other moped folk identify what you're asking about!

Step one: Turn on camera.

Step two: Adjust dial to the fire flower symbol, probably next to the running man, or mountain symbols. May look like this!

Step three: Focus the camera on what you want to take a picture of. Be sure to have a decent amount of light, or the flash will wash out most of your picture making it difficult to recognize as well. You don't need to be as close as you think, most modern cameras produce pictures of 5+ megapixles and will make the picture large enough to see without you being 1mm from the object your taking a picture of.

Step four: Click the shutter release, and take the picture.

Step five: view picture on camera, or on computer and make sure its clear and identifiable, BEFORE POSTING IT ON MOPED ARMY THREADS. Also, if possible, please resize the picture before posting it. Giant pictures posted in the text of the discussion are hard to view, and giant attached pictures are slow to download, especially for people on slower connections. 800px is about as big as the largest dimension (length or width) needs to be. For instructions on how to post pictures in the forums, please see Help: Forum Formatting.

There you have it, how to successfully take a picture of something up close.