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The Moped Riders Association (MRA) is an online forum created by Lenny Stoltz in November of 2003. The MRA website says that it was "created to promote mopeders right to ride and increase the opportunities for mopeders to meet, ride and enjoy their mopeds". The site additionally states that they are the official online home of the IAAMR (International Association for the Advancement of Moped Riders).

Along with the forums the MRA hosts moped riders. If a user of the forum attends "sanctioned rides" they can increase their ranking in the forum.

Membership Levels

A person who has read only rights to the forum.
Net Rider (NR)
A moped enthusiast who has registered on the forum and is in good standing but has not attended a sanctioned ride.
Rider (R)
A moped enthusiast who has registered, is in good standing and has completed a sanctioned ride.
Distinguished Rider (DR)
A moped enthusiast who has provided distinguished service to the moped community. Any RR may nominate an enthusiast. A poll will then be conducted among the RR's.
Regional Rider (RR)
A Rider or Distinguished Rider who has attended a sanctioned ride, requested membership, completed the ride, and been elected by a simple majority of the RR's present.
Master Regional Rider (MRR)
A Regional Rider who has completed 5 or more sanctioned rides, four of which were outside his home region.