Los Dorados

Los Dorados
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Reno, NV
Official branch?Retired
RalliesMoustache Ride 2009

Ride Around Lake Tahoe 2009

"CupeReno Alan" Presents: The Puddle Cutter's 5th Anniversary Ride Ass to Mouth, Let's Go! 2010

Uncle Klunt's Patriotic shotgun challenge 2010

Have a good moped ride, dear! 2011

Maize Maze rides 1 - 3

Los Dorados is a moped gang from The Biggest Little City, Reno, Nevada.

Los Dorados was an official branch of the Moped Army, from 2009 through 2015. They are still active in Reno and around the West Coast of the United States, but not as an official MA branch.