This will soon be a list of moped locks both good and bad. First thing to remember is that no lock is 100% secure. That's right, any lock, no matter the price, and be picked, popped, cut, smashed, broken, frozen or bypassed entirely. That said, there is a definite correlation between quality, price, and the time it takes to open.

I spent a while working with a bike coop, we refurbished abandoned bikes and often had to defeat locks, we also wound up talking to police often when bikes went missing to see if it wound up with us, so we were very aware of which locks were cut, which bikes, how, and where

1st) any lock is better than no lock. I'd say 90% of thefts are pure convenience, walking away with an unlocked bike. That or theives looking for opportunity, anything easy and unlocked and 5hrowing it in a truck. So anything is better than nothing. I used to have a simple gun lock cuz they're cheap and small and it'd stay with the bike just in case I was out and forgot my good lock. It wasn't my primary, but a backup saves the majority of problems if you forget your good one. This is also something to consider, you don't want something so heavy or unwieldy that you don't wanna carry it. Cuz then one day you'll think, eh I don't need it today...

2) again mostly theives are running by opportunity, and if they're cutting locks, they'll have something to defeat specific common locks. A car jack can pop a ulock, bolt cutters for cables whatever. So it genuinely helps to have something harder to defeat, and something less common. I like the abus flat folding lock, its easy to carry and different enough that theives don't take the time to figure out beating them. A tight chain or small u lock you can't fit things in between are good. A cable lock or cheap ulock are bad. A thin cable is a backup only.

3) where you put it matters, people say don't just lock the front wheel, they could unbolt the wheel and take the rest of the bike, but a bike without a front wheel is useless except to scrappers, so that's actually pretty unlikely. However if you lock to the forks, you could slip the wheel off and pull the bike outta the lock, and then reattach the wheel and walk away. That'd be a shame. Likewise if the bkerack or whatever you lock to can be unbolted or cut easier, it helps to have the lock also thru a wheel, so even if they got it off the rack, you can't push it away easily

4) out of sight! If you can't see it you can't steal it. The most problematic thieves will defeat any lock and pretty easily if they're prepared, so don't let them know they even want it. Tarp, garage, whatever, keep it outta sight.

5) IF it has been touched, do NOT leave it there again. This I cannot stress enough. The theives who are gonna take your bike, if they can figure out what lock you have, whatever it is, can come back with the right tools to remove it. If someone has been trying to steal it, and failed cuz you had the right lock, they almost 100% will come back with tools and take it later. Move it, indoors for a while, whatever

6) this is less critical. But home cameras like nest etc are so cheap and easy now, it's probably a good idea. I don't have one, but you're just as likely to get bikes snagged from your home as anywhere, camera seems easy

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