LC50 transmission diagram

LC50 has some very minor differences from the MJ50

1) LC50 dampener plate is flat on the outside, MJ50 is not.

disassemble your LC50 Transmission (same steps as MJ50) to replace the crank seal

Remove the exhaust. remove the transmission cover. Note the bolts are different lengths and the oil drain bolt must also be removed.

install a piston stop and loosen the nut on the right shaft. note the washer behind it. remove the 1st gear clutch and its bell too. Note the springs are facing out. YammyLC50Tranny1.jpg

Still on the right shaft. 1st is a bushing that fits inside the clutch bell, then a washer, then a thicker+wider spacer YammyLC50Tranny2.jpg

To the left shaft. Insert your circlip pliers into the circlip and hold with one hand, with the other hand pull on the gear behind the clip and then sqeeze the pliers. note the location of the notched washer. YammyLC50Tranny3.jpg

You just removed this gear, on the backside is the ratcheting hoorah, works exactly the same way as the ones inside a bicycle cassette; allows the rear wheel to spin forward without engaging the crankshaft. YammyLC50Tranny4.jpg

Still on the left shaft. Pull on the 2nd gear clutch bell while removing the circlip. Note the springs are facing out. There's a sneaky spacer behind the 2nd gear clutch bell. YammyLC50Tranny5.jpg

Back to the right shaft. remove the shifting/engaging dampener. note the locations of the rubber things inside of it and dont lose that square pin. YammyLC50Tranny6.jpg

theres a wierd washer thinger and a bracket to remove, now you can yank out the seal. The seal's inner radius is actually a bushing you'll need to slide out. put the new seal on the bushing before sliding it back into place. YammyLC50Tranny7.jpg

now go backwards to reassemble.