La Verne, California. Hometown of Wal Rashidi aka TargaWal. Situated near Pomona, CA; La Verne is probably more well known for its University of La Verne, its close proximity to Raging Waters and in a darker vein, an early base for David Koresh and the Branch Davidians who later engaged US federal agents in a bloody standoff in Waco TX.

Wal himself is a very personable character. In his early days he edited a Los Angeles area punk rock zine, has worked in Inland Empire radio and teaches communications at a nearby college. He is also an avid musician.

TargaWal was an early supporter and mainstay of the Myron's Mopeds Society, known for monthly moped rides throughout the Southland. His main bike is a 2001 TOMOS Targa LX, metallic blue with gold lettering. He also rocks a 1980 Garelli Super Sport, British Racing green in color.