Ktm clutch on puch

Adapting a KTM styled Clutch to a puch e50 motor.

The first step is to find the clutch. the usually run any where from 70-80$ and can be found on early ktm 50cc dirt bikes. and also franco morini s5 motors, also found on small dirt bikes.

Once you have the clutch. you now need to find a minarelli clutch bell. the minarelli clutch bell is ideal because of the location of the friction material used to start the moped.

once you have the clutch bell from the minarelli motor. you must press out the gear. once the gear is pressed out you then do the same to the puch clutch bell.

now that you have both bells with out gears. you can set the puch bell and minarelli gear aside.


we put the clutch bell on a lathe to open up the circle the puch gear had fit into.


once that was lathed to size. we put the puch gear into the clutch bell. and then pressed a pipe around the back of the bell . and welded the gear under pressure.

now just grind down the extra material on the freshly welded clutch. and mock everything up for spacing some more grinding maybe needed.

now everything goes back together just like on a minarelli. clutch bell clutch then the starter plate then the clip. you should still have regular puch start function

 one spot we found we had to grind was the upper most part of the ribbing on the starter plate. 

. and bolt the clutch onto the puch. some lapping of the crank and taper of the clutch may be needed.