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Kreidler was a German manufacturer of small motorcycles, based in Kornwestheim, between Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. The company was founded in 1903 as "Kreidlers Metall- und Drahtwerke" (Kreidlers metal and wire factory) by Anton Kreidler, and it started to built motorcycles in 1951. In 1959, one third of all German motorcycles were manufactured by Kreidler. In the 1970's, Kreidler became very successful in motorsports.

Kreidler was active in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, scoring nine world champion titles in the 50cc class.


Replacement Parts

Sprocket (in ya pocket)

I found two places where you can purchase sprockets for this motor; eBay Germany and

  • eBay Germany

eBay Germany listings are difficult to sort through, since the sprockets are not in great supply, and the listing titles are inconsistent. I ordered a 14t sprocket through this method; however, the Kreidlerparts website appears to also carry a 15t sprocket.


My research about a kit or aftermarket cylinder has been inconclusive. Some people have ported stock cylinders with moderate performance gains; I have never attempted porting on a Kreidler cylinder. Maarten's Kreidler Club had a few threads on aftermarket cylinders, and I did not find any additional info there; but more searching may reveal more info. Also, the MP motor has the same stroke as the Florette, however I believe the stud spacing is different.

Exhaust Pipe

I have owned two bikes now with a modified Vespa Proma Circuit pipe from Treats. This has significantly increased power of the bike. Essentially, the stock header had to be welded to the Vespa pipe and braced to prevent undue stress on the cylinder exhaust port.

  • Vespa Proma Circuit

Piston Rings

According to Myron's mopeds, the Kreidler piston uses 40mm x 1.5mm GI (GI (grano interno) = center pin gap style) style rings. Treats actually carries several sets of rings in this size, but I have never tried them:

  • Malossi Piston Ring
  • Replacement Piston Ring Set
  • Replacement Gilardoni Piston Ring
  • Rings


Myron's Mopeds also carries various pistons for the MP motor. The thing to note is there were different sizes (noted by a letter stamped on the piston crown), so the cylinder you use must match the piston. For example, I have encountered several "H" and "D" and I think an "F" once. Kreidlerparts also sells aftermarket Zeta pistons:

  • Myron's Mopeds Pistons
  • Kreidlerparts Zeta Pistons

Crankshaft Bearings

Original crank bearings were FAG B015 bearings. These are hard to find, but I sourced several places to find them:

  • Myron's Mopeds B015 Bearings
  • Draganfly 15x40x9 - the 9 might be 10. I ordered a set of these but have yet to see them in the mail.
  • Related Google Search

Crankshaft Seals

The two crank seals are not listed on Treats, but there are several that would work if you had the Kreidler MP case holes for the seals widened. Here are the sizes:

  • x1 - 15x24x7
  • x1 - 15x25x5

I ordered some seals from sketchy eBay vendors (1 was for a Stihl chainsaw), and have yet to try them. "NEW GENUINE OEM STIHL Chainsaw 15x25x5mm Oil Seal 9639-003-1584 (96390031584)"

  • Myron's Kreidler Crankshaft Seals

Clutch Removal Tool

Shelly from Minnesota did a great writeup on making your own clutch tool for under $5 of hardware store items. Here is the link:

  • Kreidler Clutch Removal Tool


I have always made my own gaskets (except head gasket - and orangerobin tells me I can use thin copper for this) from Autozone grey gasket fiber / paper. But, I found a set of gaskets on eBay:


From what I've gathered, this bike uses the same ignition / stator as a Puch. Treats claims the HPI works on the MP motor, but I challenge someome to actually post a video on this.

  • Treats Puch HPI

More Parts Sites

External Links

  • Kreidler Repair Manual At MRA site, or in PDF format
  • Kreidler - This is the new company that bought out the valuable Kreidler brand name. All vehicles are now produced in far east, no mopeds but poor scooters and bicycles.
  • Kreidler Museum - Tons of information about Kreidler models; photos and technical data. In German.
  • - A frame number database, the complete Kreidlersong in an MP3, a forum, and more. This is a great community site for Kreidler owners.
  • MP-9 / MP-19 Manual - The American MP-9 and MP-19 manual for the Kreidler Flory in PDF format.

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