Kreidler Facts Sheet

Kreidler Facts You May Not Know

  • There are two U.S. versions of the Kreidler moped: MP-9 and MP-19.
  • MP-19 bikes include an extra wire from the magneto to charge an ancient battery used for turn signals.
  • There are a number of different Kreidler clyinder / piston sizes; some include 'H' and 'D'.
  • Stock Garelli pistons will fit the size 'H' Kreidler cylinders.
  • As from above: The only noticeable differences are the sizes of the skirt holes and and the Garelli pistons are flat on top instead of domed.
  • There are and were no kits for the American Kreidler mopeds.
  • There are many parts pages still available, but none are in the United States.
  • Kreidler Flory (MP-19, MP-9) cylinder stud spacings are different that the Florett bikes.
  • European remakes of the Kreidler pistons have a 14mm roller hole instead of the American 12mm; Beware!
  • Kreidler clutch pads like to come unglued after extensive use or heat!