Keith Bright

arthur x (artax) —

Some meth head/pill addict who posts barely decipherable bullshit on here when he's high/low. He thinks he's the best builder in the world because while he's high on meth and awake for days at a time he can take a bike apart and powdercoat all the parts. Unfortunately he has no eye for design or any concept of color matching, so even though they're powdercoated to within an inch of their lives, his bikes still look like shit. No one knows if they're fast or actually run at all, because even though he claims to be a vespa tuning guru (he built a motor stand omg!!!1), no one has ever actually seen any of his bikes actually blasting in person or on video. He also claims to be an inventive genius and a master fabricator, but has produced no evidence of this beyond boring an intake and hiring someone else to weld a couple parts for him. He basically shits on these forums constantly with his puerile and homophobic self-aggrandizing rantings, in which he makes his ludicrous claims and insults anyone who attempts to bring him back down to earth. 

Keith Bright is a pathetic human being and a miserable waste of life.