Install an external condensor on a Puch

1: remove the flywheel

2: un-solder the old condenser

3: remove the old condenser with a pair of groove locking pliers or similar and throw it away

4: splice the wires that where soldered to the top of the condenser together by soldering them together and covering with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape

5: buy an external condenser from any auto parts retail store (kragen, autozone, napa, etc.) it doesn’t matter for what car as long as its old and uses a points ignition system, I generally ask for a 1960’s VW beetle or chevy nova, any good clerk should be able to find something for you the cost ranges from $3 to $10 depending on the car and store

6: locate the ignition wire coming from the stator plate and connecting with the wire going to the ht coil (its should be blue, not blue with a black line) at the electrical junction box

7: splice in aka plug in and screw down the wire from the external condenser you just bought into one of the locations where the blue ignition wire connects so that it branches off the ignition wires going to the ht coil.

8: mount (bolt down) the external condenser to a grounded part of your bike the best place for this is the same place the ht coil is mounted to the motor.

9: re attached the flywheel making sure the woodruff key is in place and everything is lined up correctly bolt it down.

10: ride away

Opened Magneto showing location of the condenser.
Here is the condenser location with the magneto open.

Expanded view:

Condenser location.
Breakdown with expanded diagram, highlighting condenser, showing view of condenser location.

Sounds hard but its really simple and avoids all the hassle of mail order parts, trying to install an aftermarket part in an O.E.M. slot, the external condenser is cheaper, and will last longer then any moped replacement condenser. Plus if you ever have to replace it again, it is one bolt and one wire swap in the junction box, no flywheel removal. --Elldawg99 15:17, 6 February 2010 (EST)

  • No need to remove the flywheel or the old Condenser (most of the time). Just wire up the new Condenser as described above.

BUT , if the old condenser shorts to ground , ever , it will have to be removed . So , just remove it and never worry about it stranding you .