Hpi mini pullstart

I've tested this on a hobbit, Derbi pp fr, pr Minarelli v1 and Puch e50 This is my solution to having a starter clutch less set up on my hobbit and derbi with the hpi mini unit. Below you can see that I took my HPI magneto to a mill and cut out a matching pawl connection. The problem I found was that there wasn't enough contact for a firm grip. It ended up skipping and wearing the pawl from the pull start. So I figured out this method to get more surface area to link up with the pawl better

This is what you'll need

IMG 1387.JPG

red loctite 2 m6 bolts (i cut mine to about 14-17mm long) 2 m6 washers (or something close) A aluminum pull starter

So the first thing I did was take out the Pawl

IMG 1380.JPG

the side of the m6 bolt hight and width fits the pawls dimensions pretty spot on. but another problem came up. the incline of the pawl from the pull starter only allowed the bolt to get a fraction of the depth need for good contact so I modified the pawl.

IMG 1386.JPG

I just did that with a dremel cut off wheel then smoothed it out with the rotary sand paper attachment.

It's important to loctite everything

IMG 1388.JPG

Next I screwed each bolt with their 2 respective washers into the magneto. If you cut them at the right length they will not interrupt the spin of it, make sure by lightly spinning it.

The next step is making sure that the bolt head isn't off angle, so grab the pawl and press it up your going to want to tighten or ease off the bolt till is is parallel with the pawl tooth.

IMG 1389.JPG

After you done matching up the bolts, you attach your pull start to your bikes magneto cover. Its better if the magneto cover is metal, but plastic should work to a degree.

For the specific pull start linked above your going to want to grab 3 m5 bolts, 3 small profile m5 nuts, 3 m5 lock washers and as many washers as you need to space it out accordingly.

IMG 1383.JPG

last step and this is important because if you dont do this while your bike is running your flat spring on the pull start may come off and get really tangled up. Ive tried fixing this with a couple friends and it is not fun at all. so you gotta loctite the bolt that holds the pawl and the other pull start junk in place.

IMG 1390.JPG

so its up to your discretion when to start using this but I'd wait a couple days for all the loctite to set.

Use: your going to want to pull it softly till it links up, rip it, and let it down quick for the pawl to disengage.

Extra credit: Over time the cord will wear and may break with these amazon pull starts, so I found a replacement, rock climbing cord. REI, EMS and other mountaineering stores will have it. 4mm cord is what ya need. tip: For a clean cut cause polyester climbing cord frays, take masking tape and wrap were you are going to cut then take a lighter and melt the end and remove the masking take for maximum cleanliness.

IMG 1419.JPG