How to sell a moped

These are simple, easy to follow instructions to assist in using the Buy/Sell section of Moped Army. This information can also apply to any other item you might want to sell in the future on sites such as Craigs List, or ebay.

First off, if you’re going to sell something, get a camera, and take MULTIPLE pictures of what you’re planning on selling. Let’s say for example, you have a 1977 Puch Maxi you want sell. Here’s a basic check list of things to do when selling and photographing said Moped.

Clean it

Clean it up nice, take the time to make it look nice if you can. A clean item that shines will likely get more attention.

Put it back together

If it has parts that aren’t currently attached, put them back on it.

Take photos. GOOD ONES

  • It’s a good idea when you take pictures, to take the bike outside on a sunny day and take the pictures in a parking lot, or your driveway, somewhere that’s well lit.
  • Take lots of pictures! Photograph the engine, the speedometer, the headlight, the tail light, get a close up of the bikes numbers. Get pictures of the front, both sides, and the back, both sides. And suck it up, photograph the defects that will be seen when the buyer comes to look at the bike.

Do your research

Go online, on local Craigs List ad’s, and Ebay, and check current prices. Research the item you’re selling if you aren’t 100% familiar with it. Get a good idea of its value.

Describe it

Type up a good description of it! Take the time to use proper grammar, because doing this makes you look more intelligent, and it gives people the impression you know what you’re doing and that you’re describing the item to the best of your knowledge. (If you have bad grammar, download Open Office, and use their variant of Word, and use the built in spell checker, it’ll help!)

Give a location

Post a location as to where the bike is being sold from. If you do not feel comfortable posting your home town, go on Google Maps, and find a near by, large town. For example, you live in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Post in the ad that you're by Chicago, Illinois. That gives people a rough idea of where you are. This is useful for anyone that might be interested in the item, who has to travel a distance to get it.

Cover all the legal bases

This is VERY important for a lot of states. When describing the item, DOES IT HAVE A TITLE? Many states REQUIRE A TITLE. Just because it's a moped doesn't mean it escapes registration. It is a motorized vehicle. There are still states that do not require a title. Before you sell, research, find out if your state does or does not require this, and if that's the case, state it in the description. If you have the title, make sure it's signed in the proper location. Read the instructions on the title on how to sign it over to the new owner.

More information on titles can be found in the moped laws section or from your state's DMV website.

Deal with any interested parties

When you get an email or call from interested parties, make sure they’re legit! Never ship an item this large unless you have spoken with them by telephone. If the interested party has questions, answer them as best as you can. If they ask what’s wrong with it, tell them. After all this, almost always they will ask “How low are you willing to go on the price?”. If you’re firm on the price, tell them that the price is firm and there is no room for negotiation. If you posted OBO (Or Best Offer) on the listing, tell them the lowest price you’ll take, and if they try to lowball you with a bad offer, tell them you’re not interested in selling them the item. If they get arrogant with you, just hang up, or end contact with with them. NEVER GIVE YOUR ADDRESS OUT UNTIL YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THEM AND THAT THEY ARE LEGIT.

When the person shows up to look at the bike in person, let them start it, and ride it. Allow them to get a feel for it. Before you let them take it anywhere, tell them you wish to hold on to their drivers license well they ride it, just in case they try and ride off with it with out paying. If all goes well, they’ll take it. Make sure you take only cash from them, and don’t be afraid to count their money in front of them to make sure they counted right, also, view a couple of the larger bills in the light, to check for the government strips inside the money, to make sure it’s real.

Optional: Video

Optional: If you can, make a video of it. Most new digital cameras have the option to make videos of a set length. Take the time to make a video of you starting it, it running and idling, and if you can, take it for a short ride with the camera, show that the bike works. Make a YouTube account, and upload the video there. Ebay, craigs list, and even here, all allow linking to YouTube videos.

Complete the sale

Write up a bill of sale to complete the sale! A bill of sale is sometimes the only proof that you owned the bike, this is a fail-safe. Just in case something happens down the road and someone tries anything that they shouldn't.

This is a simple, easy to follow check list for selling a complete bike. The same things apply no matter what you’re selling. Whether it be moped parts, or a playboy collection, good pictures and good descriptions go a long way.

Follow these steps and you should have an easy time selling your item and getting what you want for it.

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