How to restore vintage aluminum

Hello all Madness here, with another restoring and body work break down. This one was shared with me by David Carroll on his process for restoring aluminum and it has amazing results!

Tools Required:

  • Black (Rouge) and White (Medium) Clay bars
  • Cheap bench grinder from Harbor Freight or online market place
  • 8 or 6 inch buffing pads correct size mount hole for your grinder (Hard and soft type the wider the better)
  • Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish or Mineral spirits
Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 11.55.30 AM.png

Process Steps:

  • Take part of the bike, in this instance we will do some old Peugeot shocks and flywheel cover
  • Turn on buffer after attaching your hard buffing pad (Your pad may have both a hard and soft side on same wheel). Get the black Clay bar all over the wheel. Grind aluminum pieces or bolt heads all around getting every spot back and forth till somewhat shiny.
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  • Clean off Access black clay with mother's aluminum Polish and microfiber cloth. Mineral spirits cleaner works great also. Any solvent will clean the clay off but can fade the metal make it dull so stick to what is recommended.
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  • Swap the hard buff wheel and put on the the soft buffer wheel apply white clay bar (Or if a duel buffing wheel switch to soft side).
  • Scrub aluminum part with microfiber cloth and polish till desired shine is achieved you may do this a few times with really bad parts

  • Then have a beer and enjoy your results.
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See this guide for restoring chrome