Honda Express oil injection removal

To bypass the oil injection system on a Honda Express, follow these directions.

  1. Drain oil and remove lines.
  2. Remove screw or bolt that holds the oil pump and remove the pump the remove the pump's oil shaft and washers. Put the main pump body on normally without the shaft.
  3. Put 3 vacuum caps ( found at an auto parts store), 2 on the oil pump main body and 1 one the intake manifold. If you do not put vacuum caps you will have a massive air leak and it will not run properly if you can even get it to start.
  4. Mix oil into the gas (premix) at a 50:1 ratio.
  5. (optional) Use the second tank as a 2nd reserve. Put a "T" on the fuel line. If you put a fuel line over the oil outlet and put a 1/4" black fuel line inside that. Clamp everything.

For those opposed to putting the oil pump back on with missing pieces, you can also fill the hole that the pump occupied with an expansion plug (22mm-25mm). See video below for details — I used the same plug he did and it works great. Only need to cap off the oil inlet on carb and on intake.