House of Sin

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House of Sin (or HoS) was formed in July 2005 as one of the larger moped houses within the Mosquito Fleet. Housing Mosquitoes John Stueve, Tim Zohn, and Seth Bedwell, the House of Sin started regularly hosting fix-it days, bbqs, movie nights, house parties, and has been a guest house for many visiting branches of the Moped Army.

Sitting atop one of the hills overlooking the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, House of Sin expanded it's domain, in 2006, to the lower apartment of the split-level house with the addition of Mosquito Fleet member, Chunk Kelly.

The house was host to a dance party during Blood Drive IV, which was attended by 120+ people, including Moped Army members, party-goers, and the Seattle Police Department, who stopped by to wish everyone well.

With recent changes to house mates House of Sin has now become known as House of Regrets (HoR House), as decided by its new residents Kim Gold and Amy Faulkner.