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Man, this help page needs help. There should be a lot more here. We need to move stuff from my help pages on WikiLou over to here. I'm kinda at work right now and can't get into more than just minor edits. Someone feel free to rob things from WikiLou. I'll do it sometime when I remember and get time... --Mijunkin 13:18, 14 August 2008 (EDT)

I completely agree that the mopedwiki help page needs help, and I completely agree that the stuff you've got on WikiLou is superior to the stuff we've got here. I have to wonder though -- how much of it is applicable? I tried to embed the ZA50 rebuild videos based on the directions from WikiLou, and it didn't work. Do we have that capability here?

Also, on the templates -- I finally have a general idea of what templates do, but does someone need to make the templates first, or can we automatically use all the ones that are part of Is there a list of templates somewhere here that I'm missing? I looked and didn't see one, although it could be somewhere too obvious for me to check.

Finally, on WikiLou, you've got the help pages all neatly sorted out into different help sections. I think that would be a really useful addition to the mopedwiki. Is that something we can do? Like, can I just make a new article called "Help:____" and link it to this contents page? It would be awesome if we could divide up the help stuff into different sections like you did on WikiLou. Then people could look up basic editing, or images, or fancier stuff one by one rather than having to scroll through the whole editing help page and try to find what they're looking for. Yes, I know it's got headings, but I still think it's hard to find what I'm looking for. --Mycider 23:20, 14 August 2008 (EDT)

Videos won't work here like they do on wikilou. I had to go install custom extensions on my server to let it embed you tube videos. You and I don't have server-side access, so we're stuck on that front.
The templates need to be created, as they don't come pre-installed. I don't think there is a list of templates that is readily available (one annoying thing about mediawiki). I could see them being useful here, but we'll likely have to make custom ones. Making templates is all wikitable coding. Get over your fear! Carpe the diem and table-ify everything! You can't mess anything up. Make templates by using "Template:Stub" (or whatever other template name) as the title of a new page. Then to use it, you just put {{Stub}}.
Yeah, we can

Editing Help talk:Contents - MopedWikidivide all the help stuff up page by page like it is on WikiLou. I agree that that is a better model. Just like you said, the pages would be "Help:Tables", or whatever else.

Oh, and I do check this like a 5th forum, but a bit less often than the real forums. :)
--Mijunkin 11:21, 15 August 2008 (EDT)

Okay, I coped over everything I though was applicable. I tried to edit out the parts that I don't think work on this wiki, but you might want to double-check that. Some other things you might want to look at:

  1. On the copied and pasted tables, we've got WikiLou's special tables, colors, and formatting. As pretty as that looks on WikiLou, I think it looks a little ... coped and pasted ... over here. It's possible that I have now figured out how to change that, but I have a feeling you could do it a lot faster.
  2. I could not figure out how to translate the WikiLou template page into something that would work here. When you've got time, can you work on a version that pulls an example from the very limited supply of templates we've got? Also, can we list all the current templates or just link to the template namespace in "all pages"? People aren't going to use them if they don't know what's out there to be used, and people are more likely to make more if they can easily identify a need and see examples.
  3. I made a new help category, but I'm still undecided as to whether that's helping anything or not. All the help links that are built in to the website (such as editing help or the help link on the right) lead to the old pages. I'm guessing that's something we can't change unless we want to redirect those pages to the new versions (which I don't want to do.) I've tried to link all the pages as many ways as I possibly can, but for all I know, the redundancy is more confusing than it was before.
  4. On the editing pages ... I tried to combine both the page from WikiLou and the old Help:Editing page into a new Help:Basic Editing page. Any subject that didn't have its own new article got put into the new Basic Editing page. However, I am very anal and I would like to see the columns be the same width in all the tables. I like the width on the first table best, but I was unable to replicate it for the second two tables. Can you fix that?
And don't be confused... I'm not really making templates. I am copying them from your wiki and changing a few things -- things which I only figured out how to change thanks to trial and error and the process of elimination. The day you see a pig flying will be the day I make my own template. Alas, if only I actually understood what I was doing... --Mycider 05:05, 16 August 2008 (EDT)
I had to remove the input box help page because that doesn't work here. It was another custom addition to WikiLou. Well, I didn't remove the help page, just took down the instructions and said it doesn't work. We're not admins, so we can't delete pages. Doh.
I deWikiLouified all the tables in the help pages. They're no longer curvy on the edges, and now fit the color scheme you've been using.
I will work on better explaining templates, and maybe making a few for this wiki, but I can't do more wiki playing today. Maybe I'll get time to mess around at work this week...
The help category is good. I love categories. They went ignored by me on the first wiki I worked on extensively, and now when I go back there I can't stand everything being uncategorized. Having a good category structure is important for people who prefer to navigate through the categories rather than going from one article to the next via links. Plus, a good category structure should have all categories categorized too, making sort of a tree. So general category "Moped Stuff" would then go to "Moped Parts", then "Puch Parts" then "Puch Kits", etc. down to the point where you only have articles in a category because it would be stupidly specific to make any more smaller categories. So it would be going from a big general category down to specific ones. Maybe I'm the only one who cares...but it's my wiki analness.
Columns are all evenly withed now. And I eve put a better code so they keep the same split ratio on any size monitor. Ooooh, magic.
You are doing awesome with wiki stuff. I learned exactly the way you are. I found code that worked from other sites, made it work for me, then tweaked it to look just right or perform just right through trial and error. Luckily you learned about the "Show Preview" button. I didn't for a while, so my trial and error made recent changes just show 10000 edits by me in an hour. People got a little annoyed. haha --Mijunkin 13:48, 16 August 2008 (EDT)