Help:Rainy Day Edits

Got a rainy day and nothing to do? Spend some time improving the wiki. Obviously you can come up with your own article and write it, but if you aren't feeling that creative, here's a ready-made list of ways you can give the wiki a little love:

Do some formatting

  • Check here for a list of articles that have been tagged as needing formatting, and format 'till your heart's content!

Help everything link up (properly)

  • Sometimes there are pages that just don't have links to them. These pages can get lonely at night and would love to cuddle up with some links. A list of these pages can be found here.
  • Double redirects occur when a page redirects to a page which in turn redirects to another page. For the sake of simplicity, the first page should redirect to the final page, rather than making users go through the middle redirect page to reach the page with the desired information.

Add what you know to existing articles

  • Stub pages are pages that people have started but need more content. If you can expand on any of these articles, please do!

Write articles that have been identified as needing to be written

  • The wanted list is a list of pages that have not been created yet and are ranked by how many pages link to them. These are essentially dead links for which you can create pages.
  • The requested articles page is a list of articles or tutorials that users would like to see added to the wiki. (May contain some repeats from the wanted list.)

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