To make an image appear in a wiki article, you must upload the image first, then link to the uploaded image in the article using the following wiki syntax.

Image Help for Visual Learners

New! There is now a Google presentation that will (visually) walk you through the process of adding images to articles.

Uploading Files

To upload images, simply click the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" menu on the left sidebar. Once there, click "Browse" and find the image on your computer. In the summary box, please include information about the photo such as who took it, where it is, any applicable copyright info, and a category (see Help:Categories). If you don't know all of that info, don't worry, just fill out what you do know, but it is most important to have copyright information (see Copyrights at the bottom of this page). Then click "Upload file" and your image will be uploaded to MopedWiki's server. Now see the next section for how to post the image in an article.

Sometimes when uploading a large image, you'll get a warning saying "It is recommended that images not exceed 153600 bytes in size, this file is X bytes," and you'll be given the option to either save the file anyway, or to re-upload one of a different size. In this case, it is recommended that you resize the image to save space on MopedWiki's server. However, you certainly can upload it full size, and it will work just fine.

Uploaded Files

To use an image or other file which has been uploaded to the wiki, use:

  • [[Image:Moped parking small.jpg]]

If you don't want to display the actual image, but want to add a link to the photo, you can link to the file's description page by adding a colon:

  • [[:Image:Moped parking small.jpg]]

To bypass the description page and link directly to a file , use the "Media" pseudo-namespace:

  • [[Media:Moped parking small.jpg]]
Description You type: You get:
Embed image
[[Image:Moped parking small.jpg]]

Moped parking small.jpg

Advanced Options

The full syntax for displaying an image is:


Where options can be zero or more of the following, separated by pipes:

  • thumb, thumbnail, or frame: Controls how the image is formatted
  • left, right, center, none: Controls the alignment of the image on the page
  • Xpx : Resizes the image to X width in pixels

The options can be given in any order.

Description You type: You get:
(centered, 100 pixels
wide, with caption)

[[Image:Moped parking small.jpg|center|thumb|100px|A [[moped]]s only parking sign]]

A mopeds only parking sign

Gallery of Images

It's easy to make a gallery of thumbnails with the <gallery> tag. The syntax is:


Captions are optional, and may contain wiki links or other formatting.

for example:

Image:Moped parking small.jpg
Image:Moped parking small.jpg|Item 1
Image:Moped parking small.jpg|A link to [[Moped]]
Image:Moped parking small.jpg|''Italic Caption''

is formatted as:

Other Files

You can link to an external file using the same syntax used for linking to an external web page:

  • [http://url.for/some/image.png]

Or with different text:

  • [http://url.for/some/image.png link text here]


Always include copyright information with the photos you upload. You put this information in the "summary" box when you upload the file. You can add it later if you forget simply by clicking the edit tab when you're at the image's page.

All images should have one of these types of copyright information:

  • If you take the photo, say that you were the photographer and indicate if/how others may use the file.
  • If you found the photo on a website, please do not upload it without the permission of that website. If you do upload it, at least link back to the site where you found the photo.
  • Images from government websites are typically in the public domain and free to use. However, please still include a link to the source site.

If you don't know what the copyright info is, try to find out before uploading. If you can't find the information, don't upload the file. No matter what you do, don't fabricate copyright information.

Remember, it is better to err on the side of not getting MopedWiki in any copyright infringement lawsuits.

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