Daihatsu released the 'Hallo' in 1974 powered either by a 50cc 2t engine or an electric engine.

The front subframe is pressed steel and contains the battery, fuel and oil tanks and mounting points for the rear frame.

The rear subframe is box-steel and contains the engine, transmission and tilting mechanism. The rear wheels are suspended by independent shock absorbers and braking is via drums on each wheel.



  • Width × height × length: 1770mm × 650mm × 925mm
  • Dry Weight: 89 Kg


  • Type: Single cylinder, 2 stroke, forced air cooled.
  • Bore: 41mm
  • Stroke: 37.8mm
  • Ring dimensions: 1.5mm h x 1.8mm d, FG
  • Power: 3.5PS @ 6000 RPM
  • Torque: 0.45kgm/5500 RPM

Oil is contained in a separate tank under the seat and is mixed with the fuel/air mixture just before the intake port. A small oil pump behind the variometer provides pressure from the gravity fed main oil tank.


  • Automatic Variometer

Drive is transmitted via belt to the right hand rear wheel (the left wheel is not driven)

Service Tips

  • The nut holding the variometer components is left hand threaded.