Morini Franco Motori

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Morini Franco Motori S.p.A was a company based in Bolgna, Italy that designs and manufactures small engines for scooters, light motorcycles and mopeds.

Franco Morini Logo.

Company History

Fabbrica Bolognese Motocicli - Started by Franco Morini and Vittorio Minarelli.
Morini Franco Motori Factory.
Morini Franco Motori production floor.

Established in 1954 by Franco Morini, the company was the result of a split in the business partnership between Morini, and Vittorio Minarelli. Vittorio Minarelli and Franco Morini set up a factory together in 1950 called "FBM (Fabricca Bolognese Motocicli SrL)" to produce motorcycle and moped engines. They then parted ways and each founded their own engine production companies; Vittorio Minarelli formed "Minarelli" and Franco Morini formed "Morini Franco Motori".

Motori Franco Morini had a factory in Bologna. At present only engines are made for mopeds, scooters and motorcycles of other factories. Until a few years ago, only two-stroke engines with a capacity of 50cc were produced, but since 1999 they also build an air-cooled 125cc single four-stroke and since 2001 even a water-cooled single four-stroke scooter engine of 400cc. All products of Franco Morini can be seen at their site [1].


Misc Franco Morini Engines.
50cc Morini Franco Motori MO1 engines

Morini Franco Motori produced 50cc air- and liquid-cooled two-stroke engines, 125cc air-cooled four-stroke engines, and 400cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engines. The most common Morini engines used on mopeds are:

  • MO1 piston ported single speed
  • MO2 piston ported 2 speed
  • M1 case inducted single speed
  • M101 case inducted dual variated

Many Morini engines of mopeds often get their own brand name (make) on the side-covers, like for instance "Malagutti". "Gyromat" Motors are the same as the MO1 with different badges side covers.

These engines are bomb proof and a fine piece of Italian wonder. Kits for these motors are rare but can be found; you just have to do some searching.

Mopeds Equipped with Morini Franco Motori Engines

AIM, Aprilia, Arciero, Bianchi, B.M., Chiorda, Cimatti, Cosmo, D.M.T., Intramotor Gloria, Italjet, Italtelai, Italmotri, Italvelo, Itom, Lazer, Lem, Malaguti, Monark (MCB) , Motomarina (Motobecane), Moto Gori, Moto Meteora, Moto Müller, Moto Villa, Negrini, NVT, Omer, Oscar, Pacer, Peripoli, Rivara, S.W.M., Scalambra, Scorpion, Tecnomoto, T.G.M., Titan, Ufo

Moped Engine Specs

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Moped Engine Parts

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Recreated label for various Morini Franco motors


Service manuals several Morini engines

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Original Factory Location

Via Porrettana, 377, Casalecchio di Reno BO, Italy




These are historical StreetView links showing the factory when it was still standing. Based on StreetView data it appears that the factory was demolished in 2020.

Front of factory campus.

Rear view of the factory