Greasing the Variator and Dimoby clutch

This procedure is for Motobecane Variator and Dimoby clutches and pedal axle. You need to do it every 1000 miles /600km. Use a good axle grease of your choice. Mabecane1978

Ok first get your grease gun, any size. I have the big bazooka from my Mack truck days'


Fit that needle you have purchased at your local car parts store ($5.00 or less) to the end of the grease gun hose,


On the clutch side of your engine look in the middle of the clutch bell( Variator and Dimoby), there's no need to remove the 14mm nut. This is the end of the crankshaft, there’s a little 6mm brass nut with a small ball and spring in the middle of it, the crankshaft has a small hollow space inside of it that is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long and end up with a small pin hole on the surface of the shaft, you can’t see it, it’s aligned right under the clutch bearing. There’s no much room in there so remember when injecting grease, do not over do it, or you will shoot grease all over the felt seal inside the clutch bell, and it will be slipping and sliding. You’ll have to remove the bell to clean it manually with a rag, no other ways.


. While you are at it do the same to the pedal axle, there is a bearing in the middle of the belt tray.