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Moped Parts: Buyer/Seller Lists

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Good Sellers

Aaron Pusher

  • AKA: aaronanalog
  • Sold me some hydro forks off of a general 5 star for a steal of a price....and included two different handle bar mounting options. Shipped them out to me right away, and then sent me a 719 key for the fork lock a few weeks later just because...great person to do business with. - >>>taykoff
  • I bought a laser wheel from Aaron. He communicated well, shipped even faster -as fast as treats. Great seller >5stringz

Adam Armstrong

  • AKA: dirtyseaotter
  • Email:
  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Sold me a bunch of Urban Express parts I need when first getting my nu50 to work. Quick, simple, efficient and fair. - César

Adam Lohner

  • Name: adamlohner
  • Email:
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Good seller, good prices, fast handling time. - Scott Wickersham

Adam S.

  • Bought a set of cateye blinkers off of him. Arrived on time, perfect condition, excellent job packing it. Also threw in a spare lens I could repair and use for a spare, would recommend as a seller - Kiel Lydestad


  • Email:
  • Truly the best. Quality and reasonable pricing. Highly recommended. Will buy from again. Great packaging as well. Thanks Angelo. - Unknown
  • Amazing seller. He'll find you everything you need, pack it up to withstand any brutality and abuse involved in international shipping and all at a too good to be true price. If you need those hard to find Italian parts, Angelo is hands down the best! And you get some really neat stamps for your collection too. - Tomtom_bp
  • Freaking amazing service this guy has the best communication and skills with finding parts he got me a variator that looked brand new out of the factory. I wasnt even expecting that. I cant thank him enough. He th "g f$@;$;"g best. - Zacarias Aviles
  • This guy is absolutely great. Needed some parts for a 79 Ciao that I could not find in the UK. He emailed me photos to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Great price and superb packaging. Would definitely use him again for any bits I need. - Martin Black
  • Angelo just shipped a hard to find part to the states for me. Like the previous posts mention -- this guy is an amazing seller. He has great communication and can get the job done right. He also did an excellent job on the packaging. Angelo gets my highest recommendation! - Ryan Westphal
  • One more here to recommend Angelo. Great; price, communication, parts description, packaging, and fast shipping! Was able to get me every part I needed plus they were NOS! Thanks again mang - preeesh
  • Angelo sent me an awesome exhaust for my minarelli and packed it up super tight. the exhaust was a great deal and in excellent condition. i will definitely check with him next time i can't find a part. my moped is awesome now. Thanks. - Jason Lafontaine
  • Angelo is the best! I got a rare polini kit for a morini M01 shipped from Italy in less than 2 weeks for a great price. Awesome customer service, genius packaging, excellent communication. I would definitely do business with him again. - Ryan Epp
  • I can't say enough about Angelos customer service. Not only was everything shipped as discussed, priced reasonably, and packaged impeccably, but his after the sale service went far and beyond. This is definitely a guy you can trust. Great source for Garelli parts! - Phillip Meisinger
  • When treats and 1977 didn't have seals for my Morini, Angelo came through. NOS seals, the real deal. He packed them in styrofoam and even put little styrofoam plugs inside the seals. They got to the east coast all the way from Italy in only 4 days too! Top Notch. Grey Kingsley
  • Always great service and truly a great person to deal with! Always seems to get me those hard to find Vespa parts at great prices and always takes the time to do an awesome packing job to make sure it gets to me safe...

Awesome seller,hands down the best!

AJ/Anthony Vossler

  • AKA: [1]
  • Sent me a rad tank super cheaply, quickly and well packaged - Steven Whitright

Ari Balls

  • AKA: baiis
  • Location:Brooklyn, NY (2nd Stroke Mopeds)
  • Great seller. Got my parts fast, exacly as described, and packaged well. PM communication was great, and I had pictures and tracking number. Items bought were shipped along with items I traded him for, one packing for cost effective shipping. I'd defineitley do bussiness with him, or 2nd Stroke Mopeds again. Steve Smith
  • I had a similar good experience with Ari. He shipped me a motor cross country. I got it is the same condition it left him in. Would do business with again.

Ben DeHaven

  • AKA: ituned
  • Really great seller in my humble opinion. I had 3 separate transactions over the course of 2 month for some fairly high ticket vespa items. Ben had great deals, topped with excellent communication. All of the items were professionally packaged and shipped very timely. Everything came exactly as stated in great shape. He is a great asset to MA. Thanks again Ben!-Christopher C

Ben Johnson

  • AKA: Ben Johnson
  • Email:
  • Location: Sioux Falls,SD
  • Comments:
    • 2/24/14 Ben sold me a clutch unit for the Honda Hobbit PA50. I had been tirelessly looking for one and he hooked me up. shipped very fast, great communication. - G Rashid
    • Ben is a great seller. Awesome communication, ships fast, and has fair prices. I bought a whole pa50ii engine from him, rebuilt with all the best parts. Everything was proper. Good guy, don't worry when buying from this guy. 3/19/14 Steve Smith

Blaine Taylor

  • AKA: fastestgrass
  • Comments:
    • Offered up a well thought out design for ZA50 shaft holding tools, bringing it to fruition and to my door. Good communication. No longer want to sell off my pile of ZAs. Thanks! - andyh

Brad Smith

  • Sold me a super good condition Magnum seat. Provided loads of good quality pictures that showed the exact quality. Was honest about a tiny tear, and a slight dent on the pan. He even went out of his way at WizBiz5 to track me down and deliver it to me. Also he did all of this for about half the price that people sell ratty magnum seats for. - *Radium City* Joshua
  • Asked if he had a vespa headlight He says yes and I talk with him on the phone even. The light comes 4 Days later and is wrapped so good It looked like it came from Mr. Druckers store with brown wrapping paper on the box tied with string.
    Had a aftermarket bulb too. Great seller. cheetahchrome

Brett Springe

  • AKA: brettmasterj
  • Email:
  • Location: Riverside, California
  • 'Sold me Suzuki FA50 exhaust pipe and carrier rack. Throw in the exhuast cover for free. Tom P

Brian Berends

  • Sold me hobbit parts i needed at a fair price. - Jason Kluczyk
  • Sold me a set of hobbit mags with brakes- all arrived safely- Thanks Brian! - Neil Burgess
  • Got a nice case set from him good communication, packing, shipping, Many thanks. Brian
  • Sold me a puch e50 stator, came as described, in good packaging, 3 days after payment, I am very happy with this seller. Talrez

Brian Kay

  • AKA:Brian Kay
  • Sold me Tomos A55 Cylinder Head, the package arrived next day, thank you Brian!

Simon B.

Brian Moody

  • AKA:nocarrier
  • Sold me a rare Hobbit kickstart system. Communication was good, and he provided a tracking number for fast shipping. Good guy, he even gave me a good deal for my birthday even though he doesn't know me personally. I'd do business with him again for sure.



  • AKA: "A Boy Named Britchez", Jon Hart
  • Great seller, awesome prices, good shipping/ package, and threw in some extras!!! I would give great referral and use agian. Degadylan
  • Great communication, quickly shipped item and it arrived as described. A++ Would buy again and again OK handsomehotdog666
  • Sold me some parts at a fair price, shipped on time, sent tracking number, packaged well. Good seller! 6/22/20 puchbos

Brooks H

  • Sold me a new in box Polini. Sent me pictures and answered any questions I had. Shipped next day and packaged it amazingly. Supplied a tracking number and everything The best seller I have dealt with on this site so far, and that's saying a lot. - Aaron Conley

Carter Denny

  • Sold me a Magnum gas tank & seat for a reasonable price. Items were describe accurately and shipped promptly. I believe this seller got off on the wrong foot with a lot of people but I have dealt with him on multiple transactions now and have had zero issues. Im very pleased with the parts I have received, thanks! I will do business with this member again.
  • 3/26/2013* I've had multiple transactions with "Cartrer Sports" AKA: Carter Denny over the last 6 months and have had nothing but EXCELLENT experiences! Items arrived as described, packaged well, and in a very timely manner with tracking from USPS. Communication is A+, detailed pics upon request. I will definitely buy again from him if he has what I need. Keep up the GOOD work Carter. Thanks again for the pedal arms and tank decals on the last purchase! The Silver Bullet is now ready for a serious street sesh! dondest
  • GOOD REVIEW: Sold me two Tomos A3 complete mags. Shipped quickly, arrived as described. I have no problem with seller. - Mike Boyd
  • GOOD REVIEW: I bought an SHA 14:12 for my Moby from him in August. Decent price, shipped quick (It took a while to get to me, but Canada customs is infamous for delays.) Still using it to get the 40V around town. - Kiel Lydestad
  • GOOD REVIEW: Needed a spoke for my Garelli Thread, CarterD had it, Quick shipping. Thanks again! - JR
  • GOOD REVIEW 3/27/2014: Sold me bearings, seals, and a Teflon crank (all new) for my E50 at a very reasonable price! Saved me over 40 dollars. Shipped very quick and even provided a tracking number. A solid, straight up dude! Would do business with him again... Thanks! -JG
  • GOOD REVIEW 5/18/2015: Sold me pipe, fuel line, carb, and headlight screen, good prices, and fast shipping. Will do business again! Gary Coy
  • GOOD REVIEW 11/9/2016 Sold me basically a whole Hobbit in parts over the course of 2016. Shipped some, I picked up the rest. Good seller. -[2]

CasseLOLers Tyler

  • AKA: CasseLOLers Tyler
  • Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Sold me a front brake assembly for a TFR wheel and a carb. Items came fast, were packed good, and arrived in good shape. Jake Wheeler

Chad W

  • AKA: Slow Goer Chad
  • Apparently he had a bad rep, but set out to make things right. He was giving out a bunch of great condition stuff for free + the cost of shipping. Picked up an a35 boss pipe for cheeeap, shipped out the next day with tracking and pics. Chad's alright in my books, hopefully this kind act restores faith. olazy

Charlie Buzzard

  • AKA: [3]
  • Sent me a front end that was packaged well and was great about communication. Thanks again dude - Steven Whitright

Chris K

  • AKA: kov
  • Had an excellent transaction with Chris. Great communication, and fast response. Package was also shipped very quickly. Item even came in original packaging with spares! Thanks again for the ER3 codyace

Chris Ketterer

  • AKA: [4]
  • I've gotten a few things from Chris - he has always been honest + communicative and packages/ships things well.

Chris Straub

  • Sold me korado side covers. Excellent parts, well packaged, excellent communication and fast shipping. Sent them insured and delivery confirmation. Thank you! - Joe Church

Sold me a set of covers for my streetmate very pleased with them thanks again Chris I will recommend you to others even if they aren't on mopedarmy.

Landon Semones

  • AKA: zr0wc00l aka dade murphy
  • Email:
  • Location: Winston Salem, NC
  • Landon Semones sold me a Magnum. Boxes all came + were packaged well & he was communicative and helpful along the way. To be honest there were a few little issues that I wish he would have told me about when I asked if there was anything to note (the main one > two spokes on the rear mag wheel were cracked so badly that just lightly pressing on one broke it off entirely. at first i thought he could have been unaware, but then read him detail out the problem in another thread. oh well. bought another one). I guess I should have asked a ton of yes/no questions when buying a bike from a different state... so the fault is on myself. engine came with no spark but i got it going. overall a good experience; it's nice having someone reply immediately to messages and texts and ship shit out when they say they will.

Dakota Ford

  • AKA: Dakota Ford
  • Location:Lynnwood, Washington
  • Over packed everything up really great. Shipped the next day after payment. Also shipped 1 OEM tire and tube with the set for sizing on these huge 19" Peugeot wheels. - Aaron PUSHER

Dan Ackroyd

  • Sold Me A Dellorto 15/15 Fast Shipping And Looks Like New Great Seller!!! - Robbie Meek
  • Awesome seller. Shipped same day, provided tracking number, and Item arrived in condition as described! ...oh yeahhh, Dan got superhuman packing skillz! - Lane Mayer
  • sent money and received faster than expected.part was in anticipated condition. Super human packing skillz indeed! AFowler

Daniel Mol

Dave Sundin

  • AKA: 5stringz
  • Sold me a general 5-star tail light. The guy ships faster than treats! - Kevin
  • Good seller, great communication, fast shipping. olazy

Great seller,packed and shipped tight and fast. trustworthy with gifting $ through paypal.

David Gabert

  • AKA: doz
  • Location: Riverbank, CA
  • Traded him some Hobbit parts for a puch CDI. Item was as described (and pictured), packaged well, and arrived in 2 days. I'd do bussiness with David again. Steve Smith


  • AKA: Siouxer Shark
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Comments: Sold me 2 E50 magneto covers for a good price. Shipped and arrived fast and easy, all the way to Canada. - Waldorf Crane

Don hale

Drew Bell

  • Shipped parts fast! fair price! My bike is now complete! Great seller of moped type items. - Jason Kluczyk

Dylan Lanier "Degadylan"

  • Bought a qt50 tank and some other parts from me. Paid promptly, super smooth transaction. Great communication the whole way. Would def do business with again! -britchez

Ed Exline

  • AKA: Mopagen
  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Always the best. Great packing, fast shipping, quality parts. He stands behind his work and the products he sells. If you buy from him and some part isnt functioning any longer (unless you were silly and broke it yourself out stupidity), definitely drop him a line and see how great he is. I bought way too many minarelli parts from him - Tomtom_bp
  • Best guy i have ever done biz with just wish he would make more clutch springs. i have bought several items from ed and there is no better person to do biz with. thanks! - Mad Mike
  • The best!! - Nash
  • Shipped me some badass springs for my M1 clutch for free. I didn't even ask for them. He asked me if I wanted some springs for my clutch, and sent them. What a sweetie! - Mars
  • Great great packaging. Go me a flywheel and stator in 3 days DURING the hurricane. - Patrick Andrews

Eric Hunt

  • AKA: Speedracer
  • Bought some parts. great price, good packing, not to quick shipping, but got here. thanks. - sam

erik 13

  • AKA: johndunbar13
  • Email:
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Sold me an AV7 for a Moby project I'm working on. Very quick responses and sent really fast. - César

ffreddie / fredb

  • AKA: ffreddiefredb
  • Email:
  • Location: Hiram, GA
  • Comments: Sold me a NOS AV7 top end kit and headlight ring for the 40T at a great price, and even threw in a complete nos gasket set. Shipped and arrived when expected. - macelius
  • Saved me over $100 by helping a fellow swoop send me a YZ125 Motor through his commercial act. Also packaged the motor very well. The motor was junk but Swoops are Pikies so what'cha gonna do. "Yeah, I like deags."


Frank L.

  • AKA: stokedonspokes
  • Email:
  • Location: Wheaton, IL
  • Comments: Item shipped quickly, arrived as pictured, and in better condition than described. Smooth transaction, great seller. some person


Frederick Van Der Lugt AKA: fredzzz E-mail: Location: Gronigen, Netherlands

Purchased a set of Puch 5 Stars. They arrived in under 2 weeks, from the Netherlands. Good packing. Great communication. Would buy from Fred again. Thanks Fred! ' I also purchased a set of Peugeot 103 3 stars rims from Fred. they were well pack and they arrived faster than what i was expecting.your in good hands with Fred. 100% trust me he get's 10 stars all day long thank you Fred!

Gerrit Haarsma

  • 3/28/2014 - Bought some 5 stars w/ hubs - sent the ones he showed in pictures! Shipping to East Coast took about 10 days, totally worth it! - Max
  • 4/12/2013 - Received a set of Puch 5 Star wheels/hubs from Gerrit. Super quick shipment after payment and they arrived as described in 18 days. Not bad for the Netherlands to Northern California. These were packed very well. I will buy another set from him shortly. Thanks Gerrit! - Ken Thomas
  • 2/2013 To our friends in The Netherlands! Gerrit is great to work with. Awesome communication. He can find lots of puch stuff for your heart desires. I purchased a set of 16" 5-Star mag wheels w/ hubs. Better price than I can find in the US. His shipping is extremely fast considering it's shipped from overseas. I made payment on Feb. 5 and received them Feb. 19. 2 Weeks!! Thanks buddy! - wethepedal
  • Great overseas seller! I have traded on several different occasions with this member and have had zero problems with items received, shipped, and communication. He is helping the US community get parts unavailable or rare here! I would recommend dealing with this member to anyone. He is polite and very reasonable with his prices. Please keep in mind he has to ship across the ocean, so shipping times will naturally reflect this. Just a great guy! -Jimmy Cincinnati
  • I would buy from Gerrit again for sure! He answered every single pm i sent him in a timely fashion. He is a great seller indeed. He has a ton of Puch parts that are not available here in the states.You get tracking info from him that allows you to follow your packages too. His prices are great, shipping times are awesome considering he is in the Netherlands. He is a kind individual, not out to gouge you with high unreasonable prices. He is very fair in his dealings. A+++++++ seller------ ~"Dusty Rim"~
  • Bought a kickstart kit from him a while ago. Excellent seller, price was fair and shipping was incredibly fast coming from Europe. A pleasure to do business with. -J Blank
  • Bought complete Metrakit 80cc kit for Puch from Gerrit - impossible to find in the USA. He's a great source for those hard-to-find or impossible to find parts for us USA types. Like everyone above said, Garrit was great about responding to PM. Don't hesitate to buy from him, he's legit! - Paul D.
  • got a 5 star from him and he shipped it very quickly/it was as described! - steve whitright
  • providing us stateside riders with rare moped parts, based out of the netherlands but don't be afraid, this guy is legit. - olazy
  • 9/5/13- Bought a e50 kickstart from him. Shipped quick from the NL. Speedy responses and all around good guy! thanks man~e30 F34R~
  • Bought some stuff from him. Idr what they were. But I got them. You bet. Kept me posted on the shipping and what not. Great stuff. Fair price. Awwww yeahh... Oh wait. they were sandblasted 5 stars. Awwww yeahh... pt 2.[5]


  • Email:
  • Location:City:Dayton

State:Ohio Country:United States

  • Comments:
    • Traded a dellorto copy foe a motobecan wheel. great guy~! William Hunt
  • Sold me some great hobbit parts, came super fast, packed excellently and everything was just as described. Great seller!!

Greg Gokee

  • AKA: ggokee
  • Email:
  • Bay City, MI
    • Greg sold me a stock Motobecane blunderbuss pipe for a great price (a deal exactly). It arrived earlier than expected, and included all parts. Great communication and follow up. Highly recommended. Thanks. - G Rashid

Greg Mathews

  • AKA: Gregsqueeb
  • I ordered a used doppler ER3 variator from Greg. He sent it in the original box, with all the original weights, paperwork, etc. all in great shape. Super honest seller and shipped parts immediately. - Brian Rogers

Ian Rose

  • Sold me a 65CC kit at a reasonable price including shipping, Kit was in my mailbox before we even hung up. Answered many more of my questions than I had a right to ask. Parts were right service was very good, I would buy from Ian again anytime - Ken Mullis
  • Sold me a box full of 'Treats CDI' junk, one complete unit and one unit all hacked up and a ton of extra random parts, I think only about $40. Fast shipping, everything arrived as promised, excellent deal. - G Motzing

Igor Belopolsky

  • AKA: knucks
  • Email:
  • Location:Ann Arbor Michigan
  • Comments:
    • Paid on Tuesday got my clutch on Thursday great seller - 6928stan
    • Excellent guy to work with. Super fast shipping and included a few extra brackets with the complete, running AV7 he sold me. - hydra

J Blank

  • AKA: J Weatherspoon
  • Sold me some korado parts, nice packing, fair trade price, rad dude! - Jason Kluczyk

Jack Warren

  • AKA: Jackerz !
  • Email:
  • Location: California
  • Comments:
  • Fast shipping, good packaging, fair prices - Ƽɧ▲ɴƹ β
  • Bought from/sold to/traded with Jack a few times; dude's legit - Steve Whitright

James Dashley

  • AKA: jimmy
  • Bought an A35 cdi for cheap from him. Shipped it priority and kept in contact and no funny business. - Weak-Ends TJ
  • Bought a Bing carb from him for extremely reasonable price. Shipped out in a timely fashion, and was as described. Easy to work with, good communication - mel85cj

James McLeod

  • AKA: J.H. Q.M.
  • Email:
  • Location: Kitchener, ON, Canada
  • Comments:
    • Responded to my WTB for 5 star mag wheels, offered a very fair price. Shipped with tracking as soon as he received payment. Wheels arrived in better than expected condition, properly packaged and very quickly from West Coast Canada to East Coast USA. - Ross L
  • Notes: I would have no hesitation in buying from again.

Jason Kluczyk

  • Sold Me some hobbit parts awhile back. Got my parts the next day somehow. Great seller and trombone player.
  • Purchased a 12t V1 sprocket and he shipped it asap. - Dohmer
  • Bought a kit, intake and a couple heads. Fast payment, Good guy. - Josh Koelker

Jake Perkio

  • AKA: JakeP JakeP
  • Email:
  • Location: Riverside, CA
  • Comments: Nice prices and quick shipping. I would buy from him again. - Bryan Buzzard
    • great seller fast shipping sent me extra parts for my project too I look forward to buying from him again Jeremy Husk

Jason Thibodeau

  • AKA: MopedJay
  • General Approval - Kevin

Jay Foyt

  • Email: [[6]]
  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Sold me a weak-ends puch pipe for a good price, had good communication, and shipped next day as he said he would, thanks! -straubzilla

Jay Rockefeller

  • AKA: Jay Rockefeller
  • Sold me a mint NOS general 5 star cap w/ lock, threw in another mint general cap for free! Great communication, fair pricing, fast shipping, good guy, thanks! olazy

Jayson Sumpter

  • AKA: jayson_sumpter
  • Sold me some parts for my QT. Communication was excellent and within a few hours of sending paypal I had a tracking number for my parts that arrived two days later extremely well packed. Would not hesitate to make more purchaes with him. - Kingkong85

Jeff Mccarthy

  • AKA: skywriter
  • I would give Jeff 5 stars if I could. Jeff was willing to ship me an entire ped from across the country. He sold it to me at a great price. Great communication and easy to deal over both the phone and email/ pm. Shipped in a very reasonable amount of time. When I received the package and opened it to view the contents, I viewed upon a meticulously, cared for and wrapped components of my new project bike. Thanks Jeff, a real pleasure to do business. Flawless transaction. -wethepedal aka chris. C.

Jeremy Bandit

  • AKA: revdub .
  • AKA: Jeremy D from Burbon Bandits
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Comments: Sold me an E50 front sprocket for the best price, and shipped it all the way to Canada. Sent some extra treats too.

Jeremy Homser

  • AKA: hoagyjoe
  • Email:
  • Location: San Leandro, CA
  • Comments:
    • *Sold me a square Sachs bing. Fair price, extremely fast shipping (shipped the day after payment), and the item was as described. - neutral4x4
  • Jeremy and I have met up a bunch of times to sell/buy/trade; stand-up dude - steve whitright

Jesse Bechtold

  • Bought a Puch 15T front sprocket and trade a Tomos motor for a Moby VLX rolling frame. Great seller and would buy from him again. - Weak-Ends TJ
  • General Approval - Kevin

I've done a ton of both buy and sell with This guy and he's always been great.

Jimmy Cincinnati

  • AKA: Dave
  • Email:
  • Location: Louisville, OH
  • Sold me a Motobecane front mag. Packaged awesome and securely. Would definitely buy from again. Thanks man!
  • AKA: jimmy
  • Email:
  • Location: Cincinnatti, OH
  • Sold me some Urban wheels, hub, and variator for a great price. Also quick and fast. Thanks. - César
  • Jimmy sold me an E50 which he didn't realize was missing a part so he went out of his way to order a new part from treats and have it express shipped so it would arrive at my place the same time as the motor. One hell of a guy. Will buy from him time and time again. Thanks again man! -marshbwill0228

Joel Dohmer

  • AKA: Dohmer
  • Sent out items when he said he would. Included insurance and tracking number. Packaged it like he was shipping a live baby. - Straubzilla
  • Packaged with care & sent out prompt. Extra goodies included! Macguyver could probably sail the Altantic with all the extras & bubblewrap.
  • Thanks Joel! Best MA purchase yet. - curbcast
  • Fast shipped with confirmation and packaged well. Rad. -mc
  • Bought some Za stuff and am very pleased to have dealt with Mr. Cincinati. Shipped fast and included good packaging. Would absolutely buy some more shit from him. -Cole

Joey G. (Gautheri)

John Cervini

  • I've purchased multiple projects/parts from John and he always sends quickly + packages well! - steve
  • Update to the above with more detail since I was asked: I've dealt with John a few times, both back when he was using his wife's paypal, and then later when he was not and we had to do straight bank deposits. I think I've gotten three frames, a few misc little items, a motor, and a front-end. Each time I received my (well-priced) items quickly and boxed up nicely. In one instance some pieces were missing, but he responded on Facebook within a few days and sent everything to me a week or two later. There are some stories in threads out there - and I do know someone personally that didn't receive a frame they ordered from him and couldn't reach him/had to do a paypal claim (they got their money back - having paid as goods and services with a detailed note)... but I hear this might have taken place when John was dealing with some personal health issues (i have no insight into this) and i've ordered from him successfully since then. that's my experience/all i can really add - hopefully it helps

Jon Lohne

  • AKA: justadude
  • Sent out hobbit horn cover and footrests. Shipped quickly and packed with care. -Thomas Pall

Jordan Newren

  • Sent out a taillight, good condition, fair price, well packed in shipping. - Jason Kluczyk

Jordan Weaver

  • Received PA50II variator ramp plate quickly. - Thomas Pall

Josh Besecker

  • AKA: Josh Besecker
  • Traded his V1 for my V1L. Shipped right on time and packed like a pro. Engine exactly as described. Packed super safe. Very nice guy. Would happily buy from again. - ari baIIs

Joshua Koelker

  • Sent out with lightning speed! Good packing job! Fair price! Even included a pack of chewing gum! Score! - Jason Kluczyk

Ken Roff

  • Sold me a Maxi 2hp open port top end. Recieved exactly what I thought I was buying + he gave me some extra gaskets. I would buy from him again any day of the week. - Weak-Ends TJ
  • I can second Ken as a great seller. Bought a Motomatic destroyer from him. He shipped same day with tracking number. Extremely great guy to deal with. - Anonymous
  • Bought a za50 intake (12mm bored out to ~14mm) for $10 shipped. Got the part in just a couple days, communication was great and the part was exactly as described/pictured. Very pleased with the experience - mindlessmachines
  • Ken has always been my Go to Guy. Reasonable, cheap and reliable - Andrewhed
  • Ken has great communication from beginning till shipment of part(s). great guy. - Dl125
  • Bought a 15mm Bing Carb from him, really great seller sent it out right away. - Vmedin2
  • Bought a Puch 30mph speedo, quick shipping. Would buy from him again. - Csmith1521
  • Got a needle bearing e50 from him and the shipping was super fast and well packed, would def buy from him again - Sinister78
  • It's like he hides by your mailbox until you order parts and then POW! puts them in there, Top Notch seller chaptilius
  • I have gotten several things from Ken Roff , always shipped quickly , packed well and for a good price . This man is always helping people get what they need at a fair price . He will respond to any questions clearly and quickly . superspaman
  • Bought a set of ZA cases and clutches from Ken. Both arrived ridiculously fast, well packaged, well labeled, and in better condition than I would have thought for the price. One of the best sellers on here. - Aaron C
  • Bought 2 complete mopeds from Ken and had him kit a 3rd. Great communication, sent pictures and videos during the kit process! Recommend him in a heartbeat. Matt W
  • Bought a Puch 5 star wheel set from Ken. Very fast shipping, reasonable price, & great wheels! Tom R.

Kevin Pierce

Location:Seattle, WA

Comments: Bought a 1977 Pinto from him. Good bike, honest and upfront with issues and work that was needed. Gave a fair price. I'd buy from him again. Steve Smith

Kevin Charles

  • AKA: A-Zed
  • Clean transaction, responded promptly to all private messages. Shipped very quickly and even refunded a partial over payment. Definitely a great guy to buy from!

Kirk "Anhersnus"

  • AKA: kircules
  • Email:
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Great seller, great price, fast shipping and threw in a bunch of extra jets with my carb. - Max Ramos
  • Bought some small stuff from him at a fair price. Shipped fast even though it was a nickel-and-dime order.

Larry Shaber

  • AKA: MopedLar
  • Excellent guy with a wealth of knowledge about mopeds. I've bought at least 5 bikes from him as well as a whole bunch of parts. Always great to deal with. - Seth Z.

Maciek Dub

  • AKA: macelius
  • Awesome seller - Very helpful and friendly. Sold me a seat which was a straight forward deal (excellent condition with a great price), but he really went above and beyond when I asked him if he had a puch freewheel; he did, but it was still on a wheel. They aren't the easiest things to get off. He went way out of his way to get the freewheel (he ordered the FR-6 tool used to remove it, grinded it down and enlisted some extra muscle to help with removing it). Way more than I ever would have expected from anyone. Great representative for the moped community if you ask me - would gladly do business with again! Thank you! - tlars8

Maitland Kelly

  • AKA: 🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Comments:
    • Sold me a 14.9 Dellorto SHA carburetor for a real deal price, shipped to me within a week and was received in great condition; exactly as described...great person to do business with! - >>>taykoff

Maize Diffley

  • AKA: [7]
  • Maize sold me some forks that came super well-packaged + he went through a bunch of extra effort to make sure they came cleanly/securely... dude is always super helpful. - Steven Whitright

Mad Mike

  • AKA: madmike46
  • Great Seller. Items are as described and he honestly represents what he has. Fair Prices. When i arrived to pick up items he offered me a beer and threw in a bunch of extra parts that we hadnt discussed. Good guy. Have subsequenly purchased more from Mike and will do so again in the future. -Brad Pitt.
  • Bought a PA50II ramp plate from him, shipping was so fast! Buy from this guy. -eobanb
  • i bought several items from him. never a problem. - Kevin
  • Good communication, reasonable prices, fast shipping. Thanks Mike - olazy

Matt Wagner

  • AKA: Wagner
  • Email:
  • Location: Ohio
  • Comments:
    • Good dude, shipped quickly and items were exactly as described. Good price and packaged well too! - Dobs

Max Mojo

Max Ramos

  • AKA: shedonlie
  • Email:
  • Location: Ames, IA
  • Purchased a complete front end (forks, bars, wheel, brake, etc). Max took the time to mock the front end up for me on his bike to confirm fitment. The parts were packed well, and shipped in a timely manner. I was always kept up to date with what was happening, and a tracking number was provided. When one of the parts was damaged in transit(no fault of the seller), Max took the time to file the insurance claim with the shipping company. Claim was approved thanks to his solid documentation. This guy goes above and beyond!- Jon Ko
  • Bought an e50 off him. He sent me awesome pictures, told me exactly what I was getting and gave me a fantastic price to boot. Then he forgot the ignition, realized he did that, and sent it super duper fast so it actually arrived before the motor (post office wizardry!!!). He also sent me extra bits and bobs, and everythign was awesome when I got it. Very clean and well packaged. tequals0

Michael Talbert

  • AKA: redbaron
  • Honest dude, quick response to emails, fair prices and ships as fast and as cheap as Treats. - Russell Cullen

Mick R. from the Baltards

  • Gave me a nice price on a nice moby pipe and shipped it quickly, without incident. - Seth Z.

Mike Biery

  • AKA:Mikebeez Blkblk
  • Good Seller, fast shipping and reasonable prices. Dealt with a him a couple times now for various small parts. Steve Smith

Mike Boyd

  • AKA: boyd
  • Bought from Mike recently & all was well. Great to deal with. Thanks duder.
  • He builds rad bikes too. Nuff said.
  • Bought 2 clutches from him. Dude ships as fast as Treats. Excellent.
  • Was fast, pleasant to deal with, and now i have a hot pink e50 clutch cover. WIN-WIN.
  • Good communication, fast shipping, cool dude. - olazy

MopeHeads Ethan

  • Great seller. Had what I needed and shipped as promised Thanks Dude - Steven Grant
  • Great seller, fast shipping. - jblank
  • Great seller, got a garelli stator, he tore apart a motor just so I could get the 1 thing I needed..and it was way clean. - Ian McIntosh
  • great person to deal with. Very patient. Would recommend to any one. A-plus. - Speed Racer


  • Shipped same day and got my stuff post haste. Great dude. I found a small flaw in what I got and he refunded me, no problemo. - Funkenet

mr snuffalufagis / collector2010 )

Bought some moby stuff just as described fast shipping

Mr. Duncan

  • AKA: [8]
  • Email:
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Great seller. Sold me some side covers for a Motobecane Le Moped. Packaged very, very well. Quick to ship. Would definitely recommend. Feel secure buying from this forum member. Dave Humphrey

Nele Sudar

  • AKA: [9]
  • Great seller, I've bought/sold stuff with him several times now and it always ships fast, is packaged well, and he has given me great deals with no BS. He always throws in extra stuff too! - [10]
  • Yup, great seller. Sold me a Hobbit variator for a fair price, exactly as described. Got back to me ASAP with a picture of the tracking number. Got my package in like 3 days, sweet. Steve Smith

Nicholas Cravedi

  • AKA: strangerdanger123
  • Awesome seller, sold me a dmp crank, received in record time, with awesome packaging, great bearings and seals....and almost as importantly at an awesome price. kept in contact the whole time with shipping updates and even sent a pm on he date it was expected to arrive. will definately be doing business again Nicolas u are truly a gentlemans gentleman - Victor Medina

Panda Mopeds

  • AKA panda_punk
  • Great seller, charged proper shipping, everything packed really well, included extras! Sold me a couple of used "junk" airsail Sachs jugs, still packed them like egg shells.

Pat Splat

  • AKA: ggspeed
  • This guy is Amazing!!! He sent me Tomos Airbox super fast & I also got some extra goodies in the package as well - Thank You Patrick! - SimonB
  • Dude rules - reached out to me as I slacked on jumping on a listing for Batavus parts. Was looking for a Leaf Spring for my Clutch and he had it and hooked me up! Seriously, you rule Sir Pat Splat.

  • Pat Splat rocks! Bought an A55 exhaust & got it FAST! Thumbs up!!!
  • Pat's super solid, set me up with his spare tomos exhaust and offered plenty of advice on the forums :) 10/10 would recommend

Rachid Z

  • AKA: Rachid Z
  • Over the course of a month I purchased a stocker e50 and Puch Rigid frame in different transactions. Both transactions worked out flawlessly. Extremely fast shipping. We handled communication over the phone for the frame. Packed great for it's 3k+ trip across this great nation. You are an asset to this great online moped community. -wethepedal aka christopher C.
  • Got an e50 clutch from this guy, he performed lightening for an extra $10. Clutch was in great shape and worked perfectly. He was very communicative about the lightening process, made sure he knew what I wanted, and checked with me to make sure I was happy with the clutch before shipping, even included pics. Fast shipping, etc. Great seller and would get another one if I had another e50 to put it on. -LukeWhip
  • Sent me a V1 top end. Fast and well packed. -mattytee74
  • Sent me a stock top end for a puch. Great price, ridiculously fast shipping, and amazing packaging. One of the best sellers on here. -Aaron C

Rebel Moby

  • Sold me a swingarm from unknown bike in his barn that would fit a Cady and allow 17's, I had to cut it but it worked. - Emerica

Rick Ems

  • Bought a Pug frame from the guy. Shipping from St. Louis to CA turned out to be twice what he thought. He shipped it anyhow and didn't bawl. Good packaging too. - cheetahchrome
  • Never seen anyone pack an item as good as this guy. The box and stuffing weigh more than the wheels he sent.
  • Bought a Peugeot subframe, kickstand + spring, pedal shaft for $60 shipped to Florida. Packaged up tight and nothing damaged. Would buy from him again. -- Weak-Ends TJ
  • Rick made me a metal base spacer for a Puch kit as a one-off item. Even though the guy probably wasn't making that much money off of it, he spent a long time having a text-message conversation with me to make sure it was what I wanted. Shipping was prompt, the spacer arrived EXTREMELY well packaged, and matches up perfectly. snyi

Road Warrior

  • AKA:mopedcrazy, Bob Brink [11]
  • Sold me some tomos handlebar clamps. Gave them to me for just $15 shipped to Canada which is basically cost. He said they got returned by customs and he resent them without asking for more money, and they arrived quickly anyways. Responds to messages pretty quick and has a good attitude. Would definitely buy from him again. - >>>Byron

Rob Kain

  • Traded some parts and bikes with Rob in the past and he's always great to do business with. - Seth Z.

Rob Meek

  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Fantastic seller. Prompt and honest. easy and painless process. I accidently sent him my old address for a package, and it took about a month for snail mail to return the package to him. But in the end, Rob helped me get my parts, and now my a3 is running like a champ! Thanks dude! - Flat_Beer
  • One great dude to buy and sell from fast shipper parts as described. Thanks! - Mad Mike

Raniel Dantic

  • AKA: raniel
  • Sold me an mb5 intake, fast ship, no hassle...even sent me a button with purchase! swag! - Jason Kluczyk

Ryan N.

  • AKA: iamcrkt
  • Ryan gave me a good deal on a barely used 21mm dellorto phbg. He mentioned he would throw in a few extra jets. He emailed me tracking# immediately. Received my package within 2 days from payment. The box showed up and was much larger than expected. Reason for this being that there was a sweet vespa SI headlight in there too! Ryan made this transaction feel like a Treatland order. -wethepedal aka christopher C.

Ryan Holcomb

  • AKA: preeesh
  • Ryan gave me a really good deal on a complete Tomos A3 (in unknown condition). Had some blown tranny bits but the crankcase & shaft were good. Seems like a real good guy, fast shipping, sent me some pictures along the way. Would definitely do business with him again. - Byronnn -[12]
  • AKA: iamcrkt
  • Ryan is an A++++++ Rated seller!!! I have never received a package packed soo good from anyone on MA! He even thru in a few extra jets for the barely used VM20 I purchased. If he posts something its exactly as described and will show up the same. If he posts anymore parts I need, I will jump at the chance to buy from him again! -Adam S. TRES RAYOS mpls

Sam Babcock

  • AKA: puchlovr
  • Email:
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Comments:
    • Sold me an OEM Tomos 35 Cylinder. Packed very secure, and when I got it, it had been ported/polished, which was great because he suggested me doing it and he already had it ready for me, complete. Shipped very fast and great communication. Sam also sold me a sprocket and 15mm SHA carb and instead of sending it, he happened to be in my area and delivered it which was awesome. - G Rashid

Sam Goog

  • AKA: chronicrhythm
  • Sold me a throttle tube for my Puch Newport. Reasonable price, good communication and even checked to make sure I received it. - SpaceCarRider

Shelly Bachman

  • AKA: Shelly B
  • Email:
  • Location: Becker, MN
  • Sold me a freespirit frame and swing arm at an awesome price, shipped out asap and was wonderfully helpful, awesome seller! - Troy Bower

Steve Ayche

  • AKA: grinchito
  • Solarious PA50 parts, all parts were extremely clean and in GREAT condition, quick to ship, excellent packing, fair pricing. - [Scooterbike]
  • Sold me some Free Spirit stuff. Great price, shipped it off quickly. - Kevin
  • Sold me PA50 Parts, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica
  • Sold me NU50 Centerstand, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica
  • Sold me a V1 with good plastics and fan! Very well packed, good price, excellent communication - pghm56
  • Sold me a choice rear wheel, throttle assembly, and pipe header. Fair on pricing and overall cool guy! [13]
  • Sold me a carb and intake for my Motron Medalist. easy to work with fast shipping fair pricing.

Steven Hille

  • Sold me PA50 Parts, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica
  • sold me an 1977 Motobecane and some parts. parts were as described. Good seller

Steve Smith

  • Comments: Sold me a Honda Hobbit headlight bucket for cheap and shipped it out fast. Item was exactly as he described. I would buy parts from him again Kevin Pierce
  • Steve sent me a hobbit clutch bell and clutch as a trade + partial payment. Shipped super fast. Items were just like he described and it was packed very well with zip ties to hold all of the pieces together. Would definitely recommend buying from Steve. ari
  • got a maxi kickstand from him. Friendly with quick response. Packaged well and shipped super fast. Would definitely buy from again. Thanks Steve. Matt H

Didn't think it was possible, but Steve shipped faster and packed the products better than even treatsland can. Color me impressed. Six fuckin' thumbs up. -Mike Boyd

  • Steve sold me a set of Cateye turn signals, items were exactly as described, and Steve got them nicely packed up and shipped without delay, all for a very fair price. Thanks Steve - Jim Gibson

Taylor Duncan

  • AKA: sinister78
  • Email:
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Mr. Duncan is a great dude to deal with. Easy PM/email communication. I drove down from Ann Arbor to pick up his old Magnum-- definitely worth the day trip! Minty fresh and even given a once-over cleaning before delivery. As for riding it? GPS'd at 68mph! Talk about hauling. I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell/hang with this dude. Go forth with no fear. - rchee
  • Bought a modified/lengthened pedal crank from Mr. Duncan. As previously stated good email/PM communication. Fair price, good shipping. Definitely a quality product, modified properly with excellent welds. Threw in the cotter pins for free, good stuff. I'd buy from him again. Steve Smith
  • Bought a built E50 engine from Taylor a few weeks ago. Definitely works as described! This guy does good work and is prompt and reasonable. I can only say good things about the motor and about doing business with Taylor. Chris Lewis
  • Bought some motobecane side covers. Packaged extremely well and shipped quickly. Great price, great transaction all round. Thanks again man. Bought on 3/15/19. Dave Humphrey

Terry Gerker

  • Terry always has parts up and prices at reasonable rates. Packaging is done right and turn around time is nearly Treats fast. Will never hesitate to get something I need from him. Thanks again Terry!! -Preeesh
  • Sold me a carb, air filter and air filter boot. Smokin' fast shipping, great packaging and ready to bolt and roll. No worries here!-kbcarl
  • "Sold me a solid Kregler tank" Zach Richards
  • Sold me two tanks for a fair price. fast shipping, excellent packaging. - Tpr950h
  • Sold me pegs. Happy. - Kevin
  • Sold me a front fender, very fast with shipping it out, great seller. - Talrez
  • Sold me some derbi goodness.. very fast shipping, sent a holiday mug for slamming draft beer! -ed aka mopagen
  • Sold me a very nice, hard find moped. terry is very honest and I will continue to do business with him. solid guy!
  • this guy sold me some parts at a very low price, so i give him an extra $5.00 for that. Hope you all can do the same, sometime. I'd good back to him anytime. Take care, Be safe.
  • Sold me a V1 and some misc. parts. Shipped fast, packed well. - mattytee74
  • Bought some rear shocks from him and he shipped super fast and packed them with incredible care, thanks Terry! -Taylor Duncan
  • Hooked me up with 2 NOS Moby brake switches for the price of shipping. Scott Middleton
  • got some 102 fairings from Terry. Shipped fast, boxed well and good price. Would buy from him again. Thanks Terry. Mitch (was awhile ago, but I just found this page)
  • Bought a headlight assembly, shipped the same day I paid
  • Recently acquired a set of forks for a '77 Smiley, keeps his parts in great shape, very pleasant and quick with responses, and i can see from all the other comments that he cares a lot about what he does and how he does it. VERY impressed Terry.
  • sold me a speedometer, good price, fast shipping, very happy, thanks terry.
  • Bought cables, tail lights, an intake, he even found dug up the little brake switch actuator plate that goes inside garelli levers for me. A few separate occasions, all fairly priced and promptly shipped.
  • Excellent seller! Item was as described, packed extremely well, and shipped very quickly. I had a bunch of questions concerning the item, he had excellent communication and the patience of a saint in answering them. Was willing to accept payment via USPS MO. What more could you ask? Absolutely excellent to do business with. Five Star Seller, all the way around the board! -some person / okieguy
  • It would be The Spot if this 1 seller's feedback grows to be longer than the entire Bad Sellers List. Needed a TOMOS swingarm desperately and Terry accommodated nicely, although I was kind of a butthead about the Postal Service Shuffle. B_of_M
  • Great seller, very honest
  • sold me a maxi triple tree, got here quick and a fair price. great seller.
  • Terry is a great seller and packager. Always has treated me with utmost courtesy. I appreciate his efforts on MopedArmy. don-ohio
  • Terry was easy to work with. Straight forward info and pricing. I bought a front mag wheel and the attention to detail in the packaging was great.

Terrys definitely 1 of the best sellers. & 1 of my favorites. I’ve bought alot of stuff from Terry. & everytime it’s packaged nice,shipped super fast & always at a great price. & also. Great communication & fast response time. Even got a shipping refund cause shipping ended up being cheaper. Thank U.

Tim Ostrom

  • Shipped a Puch Tail Light Lens the same day I sent him the payment. Arrived 4 days later in a well-protected package and in good condition. Thanks Tim! - 'user name'
  • Bought a Pug subframe, came with a bonus working kickstand, well packed cheetahchrome

Tony Kincer

  • Bought a rear wheel from him. Very quick response to questions and requests for photos. Constant updates regarding shipping. Product in great condition.
  • Bought a Grande subframe and kickstand from Tony. It was a top notch and professional transaction. He delivered details (picts) and shipping info when promised and on time. Parts were packaged properly. I am going to Tony first the next time I am looking for parts. - ant3415
  • Bought a 5 pin hobbit cdi connector. Great seller, good communication, fast shipping, and solid parts. Thanks again mang! preeesh

Travis King

  • AKA: tj2d
  • Motron tail light assembly packaged beautifully and sent through UPS with tracking. Great communication throughout the sale. - Dohmer

Tyson Cobb

Good seller. Sold me a new DR hobbit kit for cheap. Packed well and shipped fast. Would buy from him again. thsbirdman Recommended seller. Fast shipping. Packed that Sachs Circuit in an ocean of paper. Would definitely buy again. pandamopeds

Vince Bell-

super quick shipping, part was very well packaged, well priced too. Would definitely buy from again. Todd

Victor M.

  • AKA: [14]
  • Email:
  • Location: La Puente
  • Comments:
    • I've bought parts off Victor a few times. He's hooked me up everytime and has gone above and beyond to do so. Such a nice guy to work with and talk to also. -]
  • Responded to a Buy/Sell post, made arrangements to meet up, timing worked out rather nicely, made the deal and had a quick chat. Would like to ride with him some time. B_of_M


  • Location:Harrisburg, PA
  • I had contact with this gentleman here on Moped Army and he was parting out a Korado moped. I needed another frame for mine (the original had been cut down by the previous owner and I wanted the full size) and wanted the original seat. No sooner had I made payment to Walt, did he pack and ship these two parts complete with paperwork and it arrived at my door less than 48 hours later (that's very quick from that part of PA to Long Island, NY). The items were as described, but even better. I am very pleased with this transaction and grateful to Walt for the respectful and professional way that he conducted himself. This is somebody that I can recommend as a very trustworthy seller. Jeffrey Webb

Weak-Ends Tj

  • AKA: demsin79
  • Email:
  • Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL
  • Bought an engine from him. He shipped it the same day I paid and it is as good or better than described. I don't know why he's listed as a bad seller, my experience was excellent!
  • Bought a Mikuni carb + custom intake setup for my Tomos targa. excellent goods and experience. deathplaybanjo
  • I bought an E50 from him for a fair price & he shipped it the same day. Doesn't get much better than that. - Mariano Ulibarri
  • bought a e50 cdi, good packing, shipped like he said, communication was excellent. Thanks* - Speedracer692010
  • Bought several stuff. Always a reliable and quick shipper. Parts have been exactly as described with >fair price tags. Straubzilla
  • Bought a Magnum pedal crank from him. The product i received was mint, packaged with care and arrived in a hurry all for a fair price. - *Radium City* Joshua
  • Bought Tomos Forks from T.J. super fast shipping high quality product well packed ignore butt hurt canadians whining about 2 dollars - Chaptilius
  • Bought a Malossi crank from him. Quick shipping and great packaging. A C

William from the Hot n Readyz in Chicago

  • Sold me a 70cc Treats kit. Was super helpful and patient with all my questions. Kit came without delay. - Funkenet

William Hunt

  • AKA: halftonmaxi
  • Email:
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Comments: William sold me a Motobecane wheel/sprocket/brake hub for an awesome price. Best thing is it was shipped very fast and secured and packed nicely.

G Rashid

Wizards Josiah McCoy

  • AKA: panda_punk
  • Email:
  • 'Comments: Sold me hobbit clutch bell for super cheap. He had great communication, and shipped promptly. I'd do business with him again. Steve Smith