Garelli Performance

This is an article just for Garelli performance. There seems to be a wealth of info on the forum, but it is all spread out and hard to find.


Polini 70cc Kit

This is a new cylinder and piston kit that allows the displacement to be bumped up to 70cc's. This will make a considerable performance gain, probably the most you can get out of your moped.

Proma 70cc Kit

Almost, if not, exactly the same as the Polini NOI kit. Can be found on eBay with a little searching.

Malossi Reed Kit

Comes in both 50cc and "70cc". Malossi reed blocks bolt right up. Great quality. Very hard to find, especially the 50cc variety. They are out there though, and can be found with a bit of hunting and searching. Same exhaust angle as the Polini NOI kit.

Malossi Reed Kit - Treats MotoGuzzi Robin modified 44.5mm

While not the original style garelli malossi reed cylinder, offers a benelli G2 moto guzzi robin kit that was modified to fit a Garelli NOI (by widening bolt holes). Uses the standard malossi reedblocks with lots of upgrade reed & intake options, however this can cause issues with intakes hitting frame or petcock - be aware and prepared to make some modifications to fit.

Polini TEAM Kit

70cc kit, much like the NOI Polini kit. The difference being the TEAM motor comes with a reed valve cylinder stock and is fan cooled. There are people who run the TEAM kit on an NOI motor without cooling problems. Plus you get the added perk of being able to use TEAM exhausts, as the angle does differ from the NOI. Finding the stock TEAM reed block and intake will not be easy. trickMETRIC has made an adapter to fit the Malossi reed blocks to these kits, and also includes a custom intake [1].

Here are some links to available kits:

  1. 1977 Mopeds - [2]
  2. Treats - [3]
  3. Treats Malossi (robin) - [4]

Drill Sizes per jet [5]

Carbs and Intakes

18mm Intake

  1. Motion-Left - 18mm intake for clamp-style Mikuni VM18 [6]

20mm Intake

Larger intakes are needed when upgrading things like the Polini 70cc kit. The intake works best when coupled with tha kit and the carb listed below.

  1. 1977 Mopeds - [7]
  2. Weak-Ends - 20mm intake for bolt-on style Mikuni VM20 [8]

21mm Intake

MLM V1 21mm Intake[9]

Minarelli V1 Intakes will fit on the Polini 70cc kit when rotated 90 degrees. You must drill and tap new bolt holes in the kit; The front hole will drill through, the rear is blind. Be careful to not drill the rear hole too deep and into the piston port. The kit is cast iron so a few threads will do. Ja3QQwO.jpg

Larger Carbs

Larger carbs are needed to provide the air required by adding performance parts. Works great when coupled with the 20mm intake above.

  1. 1977 Mopeds - Dellorto PHBG available in 17mm - 21mm [10]


There are only a few Garelli-specific exhaust available.

These will work with the NOI exhaust angle.

  1. Weak-Ends - [11]
  2. Motion-Left - [12]
  3. Motomatic - No longer in production. Not sure if they do custom orders anymore. Info about the Motomatic Garelli pipes can be found on the forums.

There are various other NOS NOI pipes out there. They can occasionally be found on, or getting in touch with Angelo.

These will work with the TEAM exhaust angle. Or you can also hack and weld, or heat and bend, to get it to work with the NOI angle.

  1. EV Racing - Treats [13] 1977 Mopeds [14]

There are various other NOS TEAM pipes out there. They can occasionally be found on, or getting in touch with Angelo.

You can fit almost any exhaust on a Garelli you want if you can weld or know someone that can. You can also try bending a Puch pipe to fit.

Here are the available exhausts you can use:

  1. Bi-turbo - [15]
  2. Bullet - [16] [17]
  3. Tecno Circuit ( looks like it will fit with a little modifying) - [18]
  4. Tecno Estoril - [19]


Ed (aka Mopagen) no longer sells the CDI conversion kit for Garelli's. You can now get them at Treats: [20] Also make sure to pick up either a 2041 [21] or a 2013 [22] CDI box.

THE LINK BELOW NO LONGER INCLUDES THE INSTALLATION INFORMATION. For now, search the forums for pietcard CDI installation.

Clicky here ---> - [23]

Another CDI Box Option

Use Treat’s E-50 High RPM CDI Box [24] and Pietcard Green Coil [25]


Connect the BLUE wire from the Green coil to the RED wire from Treat's Box.

Connect the GREY wire from the Green coil to the WHITE wire from Treat's Box.

Connect the BLACK wire from Treat's Box to the KILL switch.

Connect the BLACK/WHITE wire from Treat's Box to the GROUND.


05/11/2017 - At this point, aftermarket NOI clutches are hard to come by.

trickMETRIC has released the Hammer clutch for single speed NOI motors. You can could find them at Treats: [27] They are supposed to come back some day.

The 6.1+ Puch Jammer [28] shoes will fit on this version of the trickMETRIC clutch without issue.Hn6mMx1.jpg

There were also BRN 2 shoe and 3 shoe clutches. They are around, but again, hard to find.