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A gasket is defined as: "Any of a wide variety of seals or packings used between matched machine parts or around pipe joints to prevent the escape of a gas or fluid."

There are plenty of gaskets on mopeds. If the part the gasket is sealing, like a transmission cover, has never been removed, you are almost SURE to break or rip them the first time you remove the part. I've tried plenty of times to just "go without" gaskets but it doesn't work! You will leak fluids or gas everywhere and be very ashamed of yourself. Don't sweat it though, because gaskets are easy to make.

Gasket tips

If your gasket rips, some old paper may have stuck to the existing surface, so first thing to do is make sure you remove all that excess debris. Do not damage the surface! Imperfections may prevent proper matching of the surfaces even with a new gasket.

Now, go to the hardware store and buy a roll of gasket paper. The kind I most frequently use is the black, fibrous paper about 1 mm thick. Roll the gasket paper out flat on a good cutting surface, NOT like your driveway. Coat the edge of your part (in this case, a tranny cover) that will be in contact with your gasket in an oil of your choice. Then, firmly stamp the part into your gasket paper, leaving an imprint and wet stamp of oil for you to trace by. This oil WILL go away after a while, so trace what is there with a marker if you feel like you will take a while. Use an exacto knife to cut out the lines you just stamped. Make sure this knife is sharp and new: if it isnt, you will likely rip your new gasket with the tension you create by dragging a dull knife across the paper. Use a single hole puncher to punch out screw/bolt holes, or a knife if they are too large.

And thats it, pretty easy. Remember, it's always better to leave a little too much material instead of too little. You can always go back and cut more if you have to, but you cant put it back after you cut it off!

Scanned Gasket Sets

The idea behind this section is to supply us with access to about any gasket needed to rebuild your engine with a click of a mouse. To make a template, simply select the gaskets you need, print, laminate with tape (if you desire), cut, and trace onto the new material you're using to make the gasket It would be helpful for the person submitting the gaskets to include the gasket's original thickness, and any part numbers included. Also, it is recommended to scan the gasket with a measurement ruler to insure sizing will come out correctly; otherwise this will need to be checked by the person using the gasket to ensure proper fit. All ideas would be helpful to this process; please submit any templates you have, even if it is a custom gasket such as an A35 cylinder matched to E50 casings. Thanks!

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(A little extra material is provided to be removed with a razor blade at the cylinder-carter mating surface.)


Tomos a35/55