Forum etiquette

So, you are a new member on the forums and you want to jump in to the discussion. Maybe you have a question or you have an answer for someones problem. Maybe you have an opinion. You might have even gone through the General FAQ and the Newbie pages.

It's great that you're here! But before you dive in, there are a few simple things you need to know.

Overall forum etiquette

Read the forums before posting.

Seriously, lurk around the various forums for a few days before posting anything. You will get a better idea of how we communicate and what questions belong where.

Don't be an asshole.

This seems obvious, but some people have made the mistake of jumping in the forums and throwing around slurs and other shit talk. Nothing will shut down helpful replies and generate a shit storm like a negative or know-it-all attitude. EVEN IF YOU ARE BEING BAITED AND THE COMMENTS ARE SNARKY please be civil. It may not be fair, but you kinda have to earn your right to shit talk.

Read the forums in flat view, not threaded.

Flat view is the default view, but within a thread there is also a threaded view that gives each post it's own individual URL. This can be useful for referencing or linking a particular post, but isn't the best way to read or reply to a thread. If you find yourself in threaded view you can always click the link at the top that says "View Flat". You'll also see a message below the thread title that says "This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context." Either of those links will take you to flat view.

Don't post in the wrong forum.

If you have a question about your broken moped, post in the Repair forum, if you want your moped to go faster, post in Performance forum, if you want to buy or sell a thing, post in Buy + Sell. See the pattern?

Don't cross post the same question on multiple forums.

It's annoying, and you have to jump between two different conversations on the same topic. It generates multiple responses with possibly conflicting information. Keep it in one place and you will get better info faster.

This is a moped forum.

If you are looking for help with a Chinese scooter, a motorized bicycle, or a motorcycle, you need to find a forum dedicated to those things. There are some rare exceptions, but if it does not have pedals, I would not try to talk about it here.

Don't ask a question that has been asked a thousand times before.

I need help with my rusty gas tank, What kind of oil to use, I need a wiring diagram, how do I title this thing, How do I convert to LED lights, Do I need the battery in an Urban Express?. All these answers are in the Wiki. Do some basic searching first to make sure your question has not been answered to death already. If the wiki search is not getting hits, try a main site search which uses the Google index to search the full website.

Motor swaps

If you are coming in here to ask how you can mount a 125cc Lifan motor on your moped, you are going to have a bad time. This community is about old bikes and repair and upgrading old motors. Throwing a cheap Lifan on a moped frame is grand heresy, and you will be treated as such. I only added this section as it seems to keep happening. Come on people.

How to embed a picture in a post

Photos can be embedded in a forum post by either:

  1. Linking to a photo that lives elsewhere on the web (by clicking the little photo icon on the top of the posting form) or
  2. Attaching/uploading a photo directly to your post.

It's preferable to upload your photo directly so that it will always remain a part of your post. This website has been around for over 20 years and your data will be preserved, whereas if you link to an external image it's likely be be broken at some point in the future.

How to embed a video in a post

In contrast to photos, there is no way to upload a video to the forum. That's because videos are so large that the storage and bandwidth costs would be prohibitive. Instead, upload your video to YouTube and then post a link in the forum. Your links will be automatically converted into an embedded, playable video.

General Discussion Forum

This forum is for discussion around all moped things that do not fit into the other moped categories. If it's not moped related, it goes into Off Topic. Be warned that the mods on the site have no problem moving threads to the right place, but then you will garner the little grey swoopy arrow of shame showing it has been moved.

Buy + Sell Forum

This is for selling and buying things.

If you want to sell a thing, your title should include the words "selling" or "FS".

If you are searching for a thing, your post titles should include "WTB" or "Looking for", something like that. There is nothing more rage vein popping than clicking on a post titled "Airsail 70cc $35" and seeing "Hey, I'm looking to buy an Airsail kit for $35".

If you are selling a thing, post photos. Any post without photos will just generate replies asking for photos.

Don't ask how much a thing is worth. Prices for mopeds and parts can vary wildly across the country. People will often get mad when you tell them that their '78 Maxi with the seized motor is almost worthless because "Grandpa paid a lot for this bike". The best answer to how much a thing is worth is "how much is it worth to you". It's not uncommon to put more money into a bike you love than you will ever see out of it.

Paypal is the most common way of paying for items. If you don't have a Paypal yet you should get one. Additionally there is two ways of paying using Paypal, using the "send money to family or friends" feature (referred to as a "gift"), or "paying for goods and services." Sending money as a "gift" doesn't incur any Paypal fees to the buyer or seller, which is a nice aspect, but cannot be disputed later. Only send money as a "gift" if you trust the seller; if they decide to not ship the parts after you've sent them the money you are shit out of luck. When sending money by "paying for goods and services" you can dispute the charges later if the item you purchased isn't as described or was never sent. Paying this way does incur a Paypal fee and it is a common courtesy to send extra money to the seller to cover the cost of it to ensure they get the agreed upon sum in full. The fee can be calculated using this website:

Google Pay, Cash App, or Venmo are other options to send money.

Performance Forum

If you want to discuss performance enhancements, this is the place. Often the things listed in here are of a more advanced nature. The wiki has plenty of information about just upgrading your carb and pipe. You have upgraded your carb and pipe before posting in here, right?

If you do want to post, we need to know everything you can tell us about your bike and what you want to do. We need bike model and make, engine, cylinder, pipe, carb and your latest colonoscopy results (JK). If you just ask "How do I make my Tomos faster?" without any relevant details, the most likely response will be to put it on a truck, drive it to the ocean and throw it in.

Also, question around how much faster a particular mod will make your bike will get you a pile of useless answers. There are too many factors involved to give you accurate information about what speeds a particular pipe or carb or kit will get you. Things like the terrain around your area, wind, temperature, your weight, specific model and gearing on your bike and endless other things dramatically affect how fast you will be going. The best we can say is that a particular pipe will make you 'faster' and will most likely hit around XXX RPM, and so on.

Repair Forum

Please post with specific information. We need to know what kind of bike you have, what motor, any other modifications you have done in the past and what the exact symptoms are. It helps to tell us what you have done already. Pictures and/or videos will always be a huge benefit. And again, much information is already out there if you do a simple search. Things around how to re-jet a SHA or tune a Bing have already been discussed to death.

Off Topic Forum

This is where you can discuss your love/hate of the Northwestern Equestrian Societies latest brunch event — anything non-moped related. This is where people really let their inner crazy out (you have been warned). Because of the nature of this forum it is more heavily moderated, and contentious fights about politics will not be tolerated. It's provided as a convenient place to discuss broader topics with this community, but if you really want to talk about anything under the sun I'd suggest heading over to Reddit instead.