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This is a really rad screen shot!

Thanks, I love the wiki-project

Thanks a bunch. There's one other photo early in the movie that's a good look up at the rear . I like the blurry image too, Sam Raimi must have wanted that look (exaggerated speed on a moped) because the following and previous stills are crisp. It would make a great desktop if the feeling of motion wasn't distracting

I may be running out of movies to grab though, may need to get to the rental place.

Kudos on your entries . Makes me wish I knew more about mopeds than mopeds in culture. Some great mechanical info being added.

Dean says!

I like the distractiveness of the motion, I just might use it as a desk top. I typically don't like movie themed images as my background, but unless you know what it's from, it just looks like a rad action shot of a guy splitting lanes on a moped.

I'm going to get some shots of the Solexs in the new Wonka movie tonight.

As for my entries, I don't really know a whole lot about mopeds.. I've been into them for just over a couple months now. I just spend too much time reading about everything, it's kind of what I do. When I become obsessed with something, I do tons of research and reading. There's not a lot of info floating around about mopeds, that's why I think this project will be awesome for people like me in the future.