Fantic Sprinter (FM 284 & FM 286)

Fantic Sprinter

FM286-Sprinter-Multispeed-1984 02a.jpg

In 1983-84. Fantic Motor produced the "Sprinter," a 49cc two-stroke small dirt-bike looking thing. The Sprinter was allegedly designed by legendary Italian automotive designer Marcello Gandini.

The Sprinter came in two color schemes - red and yellow with extremely dark green and black accents. A wide array of badging, decals and striping was used between bikes.

The bike came in two different motor configurations -- a version equipped with a Minarelli C2HLKS (FM 286), and a version with the three-speed, hand-shifted Minarelli V3 (FM 284).

These bikes were sold exclusively in Europe for a short time and never exported to North America.

The headlight and the headlight fairing are also found on certain late-model Fantic Issimo mopeds.

These are rare bikes even in Europe today.

General Specifications

Wheels: 17 x 1.5 Grimeca Three-Blade Alloys
Tires: 17 x 2.75
Fuel Capacity: 5.5L with reserve
Forks: Hydraulic
Brakes: 105mm drum front and rear
Ignition: Ducati CDI with 6V lighting

FM 286 (Sprinter Multispeed)

Motor: Minarelli C2HLKS (case inducted, air cooled, dual variated, and kickstart)
Displacement: 49.5cc
Bore: 38.8mm
Stroke: 42.0mm
Timing: 1.9mm BTDC
Carburetor: 14.12 Dellorto SHA
Power: 3.3HP at 5750 RPM
Max Speed: 45km/hr. Production: 1500 Units (Unconfirmed)

FM 286 Technical Info

FM 284 (Three Speed)

Motor: Minarelli V3 (piston port, air cooled, hand shifted three-speed, and kickstart)
Stock Displacement: 49cc
Carburetor: 14.12 Dellorto SHA Production: 1000 Units (Unconfirmed)

FM 284 Parts Diagram (1983 / Italian / Scanned from Microfiche)

Minarelli V3 Parts Diagram