Suzuki FA50

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The FA50 is a popular noped manufactured by Suzuki.

Specs :


The quality of the bike is generally good. Both the paint and chrome finishes are excellent. The bike is however not heavy duty by any measure. It is very common to find them with broken, missing, or improvised foot pegs.It features a stamped frame as opposed to the tube frame commonly found on nopeds. The front fork is not a tripple tree but adequate nonetheless. Like most mopeds the headset bearings are loose so be careful during disassembly. The luggage rack is very large for the size of bike and can carry a nice load. The fenders are plastic and the rear is often broken or missing.

Running Gear

The FA50 features 14" rims and a mono shock rear suspension. The rear rim seems to be prone to bending if abused. The brakes are responsive and the brake cables are nice heavy duty ones, though the rear cable is somewhat prone to binding. Integrated in line with the rear brake cable is a safety disengage lever for the kick start. The brake must be applied for the starter to function. (This can be easily bypassed.) They came with a 6 volt electrical system in all years of production. The 1980 models had some minor differences from all other years. The headlight mounted lower on the bike under a front rack, the speedometer pod was a different design, and the gas tank had a gauge on the 1980 - 1981 and all Z models .

Engine/Drive line

The FA50 engine is a 49cc case inducted 2-stroke. It has an oil injection system that seems to be reliable but as in all older bikes run the injection at your own risk. The engine runs remarkably smooth and is extremely reliable. Though the top speed of FA50s tends to be less than spectacular (28mph) it has excellent low end torque. Probably the most notable feature of the FA50s is the enclosed drive line. The Drive line consists of a centrifugal clutch, chain, and reduction gear, all of which is enclosed and bathed in oil. This feature makes the drive train very low maintenance and should last the life of the bike. The muffler tends to be a bit on the flimsy side but should last if not abused. The FA50 came equipped with a Mikuni VM12SH carburetor with a #77.5 main jet.

I have tried a number of different oils in my FA50 transmission over the years and have found that 15w40 diesel oil is best overall . It has no or a lot less friction reducers and as such the clutch functions better . PD .

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