E50 (kickstart)

The kickstart E50 engine is a variation on the regular pedal-start E50 made by Puch. This engine was used on two different models, the Puch Magnum X and the Puch Korado. Although these engines are often highly sought-after due to certain advantages such as their super reinforced clutch drum, be advised that if the kick start spring breaks, it is difficult to find a replacement and impossible to start the moped. The Magnum X engine was the earlier version, beginning production in 1974. The Korado version came later, in 1995.

Link to download an .eps of the gasket for lazerz cuttingzz https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhlb3BNQ1BRR2VKUmNUQw

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Kickstart E50 engine case (photo by: Turd Ferguson)
Kickstart E50 internal kickstarting mechanism (photo by: Turd Ferguson)
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