Dellorto throttle cable

A lot of people say to solder it, but I’ll be the first to admit that my soldering skills are lacking. I found this method to be relatively straight forward and most people have access to the tools needed to do it this way.

New cable that is too long for the straight handlebars I’m running:

IMG 0304.jpg

I cut the loop and the plastic off of this electrical connector to end up with the crimping part in the middle:

IMG 0305.jpg

I then used crimpers and side cutters to shape it until it fit in the carb slide. I tested it multiple times to make sure it was going to stay on there. It definitely felt solid.

IMG 0306.jpg

Another solution

The above method works, but if you don't do it right then the cable can get bent/broken/stuck or it can mess up your throttle slide and nobody wants that. As most of you know a knarp is a wonderful thing, but there isn't room inside your carburetor for one. But don't worry, you can make room. great!

The plan is to drill out the slide so that you can fit a knarp inside of it. Simple enough. Some supplies you will want for this are: A cable knarp, I used the "moped mini knarp cable stop" from treats, but you can use whatever size you want. A drill bit about the size of your knarp, I used a #7 drill bit as it was the closest in size to my knarp. A 1/8" drill bit. A drill of some sort, this is done most easily with a press. JB weld, this might not be needed, but if you use a larger knarp you'll have to build the slide back up after drilling the larger hole. A file, might not be need, but they are good for making your slide look clean and pretty, especially if you use JBweld.


I'm modifying a slide from an SHA 15.15 which has this little hole in it. If your slide doesn't have this hole, don't worry about it. If it does go ahead and fill it in, we're not gonna use it anyway.

DSCN6860.JPGThe first thing were are going to do is drill a little hole in the center of the top of the flat part of the slide.


Now it's time to get down to business. Chuck a 1/8" drill bit into your drill and chuck it way up in there, you don't want any wondering, as this bit of metal will get very thin. Now position your slide so that the top is sitting level and the drill bit is aimed at the center of the flat part of the slide. Now you can drill it, you don't have to drill all the way through to the bottom of the slide, just go like half way down.



Now it's time to get down to more business. And with this business comes more drilling. Chuck a drill bit the same size as your knarp into your drill. Position the slide so that the flat side is sitting level and the drill bit is centered on the hole in the back of the slide.



DRILL! use some sort of lube like WD40 or carb cleaner or what have you, it will make the drilling go more smoothly and much quicker.


You've got a slide with a hole big enough that you can stick a knarp in it, good work. Though the slide probably needs some cleaning up and you might need to add a little JB weld to the now very thin parts. Mine looked kind of rough, but I cleaned it up and I think the top part will be strong enough.



Now try to slip your knarp into the slide. If it fits, then you're good to go. (Sorry, I didn't take these pics in the right order, so just imagine that there is a little hole where you drilled one earlier)



Line up your cable with the hole in the top of the slide, then through the knarp, then down into the slide, now tighten that sucker down. (The bottom part of your cable will be down inside that tiny 1/8" hole you drilled, in case you can't tell from the pics.)