Decepticons - 14DecemberItinerary

14 December

Next Decepticon meeting.

Only five more monthly meetings till the rally (for real).

Items to discuss below:

  • Rally planning
    • Any headway since last meeting?
    • New sponsorships/sponsorship ideas
    • Is the rally planning committee meeting? If not, should they be scheduled, too?
  • Co-captains
    • Discuss D'con co-captainship (is that a word?)
  • Membership
    • Any updates to scouts? Did anyone retire?
    • Membership requirements adopted at the 16 November meeting
      • Should this have been voted for online?
      • Re-state these and vote for them online?
        • If we do vote for them, would we need to vote for each criterion separately? Or altogether as one package?
  • Next meeting
    • Set January meeting date.
    • Remind people about White Elephant party