26 October 2008

This is for Decepticons to collaborate on items for our upcoming meeting.

Meeting itinerary, 26 October 2008

  • A revision of how we make group opinion.
    • We might want to handle this before making any other group opinions. :-)
  • A decision on our group opinion on the rally and it's date.
  • Rally Planning
    • Understanding of the flow of our decisions. Such as brainstorming -> idea finalization -> vote.
    • Make our decisions in a very timely manner; brainstorming -> vote should take no longer than 2 weeks.
    • Set a deadline to have every aspect of the rally decided upon to give a reasonable amount of time to execute.
    • Follow up on the execution of an assigned project. If little to no progress is being made, add another person to the task or reassign it to someone else.
  • Membership
    • We should have a member vote at the meeting or set a date to have contacted members and summarily vote on them.
    • Any members identified as inactive and do not show willing in the form of activity (actions speak louder than words) shall be retired.
    • Identify local riders interested in joining the group and hold a vote to determine their membership.
  • Group Charter
    • What we believe in as a group
    • Outlines how prospective members will get in
    • The way we treat one another
    • How to deal with inactive members