25 January Decepticon Meeting

These are items we'll be covering at our 25 January meeting.


  • Rally planning
    • Put up rally names for a vote on the website (Pull Out, Barely Legal, Mopedus Interuptus, etc.)
    • Develop a baseline rally itinerary with the standard events. (each day should have brunch, main ride, night party/event)
    • Rally housing? Who can? Who can't? One warehouse ideal like tbs/latebirds? Has anyone looked? where? How much? Any restrictions?
    • Start assigning tasks to members and make someone responsible for checkup on the tasks in two weeks or next month.
    • Extra T-shirt design this year? (Cool Kids Club!)
    • Discuss fundraising to cover rally costs. (KISS Method)
  • Co-captains
    • No vote regarding co-captains vs. 1 captain, should be put up for a vote immediately with results after 1 week
  • Next meeting
    • Set solid date in February for follow up meeting.