Puch Dart

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The Puch Dart was a step-through moped released for the American market in 1983. It was styled similarly to the more-popular Japanese nopeds of the era, utilizing many plastic parts, such as a plastic gas tank, fenders, sidecovers, and legshields. They used the same forks as the Puch Maxi but had a unique frame, similar to the Pinto, with the gas tank located under the seat. All models were fitted with square headlights from the factory. They were equipped with E50 engines with a re-designed case, and spoked 14" wheels. In europe they were known as the "Mini Maxi", but very few american models have this designation on them, although some do exist.

Since they were released after the major "moped boom" of the late 1970s, they are not particularly common today, and somewhat sought-after. Red was the only available color in america, although european models were available in red, white, and pearlescent pink. 1984 was the last year for the Dart model.

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