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Cryptic blasters, track tuners and Valley rippers. Addicted to French mashers, sparkly toptanks, and clandestine endeavors, the Daggr Kult is deeply entrenched in L.A.'s moped history and respectfully coexists amongst the other L.A. moped "clubs". Though most members are based in Los Angeles, most official rides feature SGV and SFV stretches to maximize speed. Officially public since year nine of the millenium.

Capped at nine official members, club requirements include kitted top-tank and/or variated bike as well as decent rep and gentlemanly road swaggr.

Classic (NOT CURRENT) lineup 2010-2011:
Daggr Jmsn "daggrs1n" - Captain Daggrs East (Founding Four) Daggr Quinn "father quinn" - Captain Daggrs West (Founding Four) Daggr Xtophe "tomahawk" (Founding Four) Daggr Robbie (Founding Four) Daggr Casey "toecutter" Daggr Rachel "bunny" Daggr Cody - AZ Reppin and Rippin! Daggr Tracy Daggr Charlie Honorary Jason Kim "shanghai"

the Valleys (SGV + Ventura)
Official branch?nil
RalliesATTENDED Tom Cruisers Sausagefest 2009 (MA), Latebirds Invitational 2010 (MA), Bullies LA Rally 2010, Creatures Ceremony 2010 (MA), Latebirds Fangboner 2011 (MA), Latebirds Cheeseburgers in Paradise 2012 (MA), Bullies BLAH BLAH BLAH 2013