DIY Pedal Extender

This is a brief tutorial on how to make a pedal extender yourself.
Many times expansion chambers do not permit full rotation of the pedals, and the pedal functionality is lost. One option is to bend or break either the pedal outward or the pipe inward, but this harms the functionality of either or both parts, and doesn't always work. Another option is to buy a pedal extender which clamps onto the end of the shaft, and allows the crank arm to be attached farther out with clearance and full function, but these can be expensive: The final option is to make one yourself by welding together a clamp from an old pedal arm to your current one. It can be cheap and effective and takes little time.

You will need:

  • a cutoff wheel & grinder
  • a spare cottered crank arm from the same shaft diameter, old bicycle ones can work
  • a welder


1) Take your pedal arm off, just the one that's offending the pipe. Just pop out the cotter pin and slide it off. It helps alignment later if you take the shaft out too but it's not necessary.

2) Take your spare cottered pedal crank arm and cut off just the end that slides onto the shaft, keeping the cotter pin hole.

3) You're going to weld that onto the end of your existing pedal arm. you want to make sure they're aligned the same way so that when it's reassembled it will be in the right position relative to the other side pedal. Also you want to line up the shaft holes on both the cut end and good arm, so that the shaft can slide all the way in for good engagement of the cotter pin. you can use a socket or the pedal shaft itself to keep them lined up then clamp and tack weld it before bringing over to the bench. Then just weld the two together:

4) Reinstalling, you'll just put your cotter pin through the newly welded on end which will extend your pedal out nearly an inch, and in most cases will give you the clearance you need cheaply and easily. Sure, clean it up if you want, or leave it messy, have fun!