Cupertino Mopeders

See Cuperteens

Cupertino has been a moped hot-spot (per-say) since fall of 2006. Originally riding only weird bikes everyone else seemed to ignore, and end with the oh so popular -y suffix (chappy, foxi, simly), the trend ended with the purchase of a mainstream Maxi several months later. After more many of enduring stock boredom and late night rides north at 23-26mph, they stepped into the kitted world with a used polini late in 2007. Since then bikes have been getting progressively faster, and notoriously more unreliable. Rumor has it they may even have an old time Guru (maybe not THE Guru, but another nonetheless) helping them advance their technology.

With additional riders joining, weekly rides around town, through parks and to jack in the box can number up to 12. Organization and punctuality are their key flaws. In efforts to increase knowledge and understanding, they occasionally ride/ have ridden with the Creatures, Treats, Puddle Cutters, Landsquids, Mopedheads, MopHeads and others encountered at rally's and around town. They like to invite everyone to ride, but due to their location, rides mostly encompass them only. The majority of bikes are now Puch, but their is a resurgence of Tomos love, and some admiration towards Italian engineering.

Also known for their lack of an official name, many have floated, yet non have stuck: Assfault Ninja's, Night Riders, Cuperteens, Cupertinies, Rogue Squadron, Skid-Marks, Butthole Pirates and many more. Maybe one day an official name, or at least one encompassing name will be agreed upon. If you have any ideas for reasonably appropriate, they ask for your suggestions. If you need your moped fixed, email justin, he's the man.