Puch Cobra

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Not to be confused with the european line of 4 and 6-speed Puch motorcycle that bears the same name, the Puch Cobra was a top-tank moped released for the American market in 1984. Basically a replacement for the Magnum, it was a smaller moped that used a frame very similar to the Pinto, but with a top tube added to support a fuel tank.

The early models were released only in metallic red, with white and gold "COBRA" decals on each side of the gas tank. These all had the E50 engine and spoked wheels.

In 1986, the final year for the Cobra, a 2-speed, re-designed model was released to replace the original model. The 2-speed was only available in white, with blue and red "COBRA" decals on the gas tank. The sidecovers were blue and mentioned the 2-speed engine. They all came equipped with the ZA50 engine, white 5-star mag wheels, and a square headlight.

Due to the short, late production run, Cobras are fairly rare and heavily sought-after today. White Cobras are the most rare, and some of the most valuable American Puch mopeds ever made.