Changing a Sachs Condensor

  1. Find out what kind of electric system you have. If you have a red coil it's generally a Motoplat. A name will be stamped somewhere around the flywheel.
  2. To remove a flywheel you need a special tool called a flywheel puller. Order correct puller and a 6v Puch/Tomos condenser with screw top. Good luck finding an original condenser. A Puch part works fine; just make sure it is 6v. Also purchase those loop end wire connectors at any hardware store. They pinch around the wire and loop around any pole. Get really small ones. You'll need three.
  3. Remove flywheel and old condenser. You have to cut out or unsolder the old connection. It may have a screw that you may not see bolting it down. Yank it like a rotten tooth paying no attention to how you disfigure it.
  4. Carefully put in new condenser, put new wire loops on the wires, and screw them to the condenser.
  5. Done!