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Condenser- How do i replace.

Basically , if you have a no spark condition or a loss of spark after the bike warms up you probably need a new condenser .

First check that the points are clean and properly gapped and that you have 5-10 volts coming from the ignition coil. There are other tutorials to test this. You can use almost any old automotive distributor condenser . A Capacitor Condenser For STIHL 041 045 070 090 TS08S Chainsaw will fit right in most stators and are available for $2-4 . 99% of all automotive condensers are rated from 0.2 μF to 0.33 μF including mopeds. They mostly operate at a peak voltage below 250 volts so any 250-650 volt capacitor (condenser) will work. An original one can soldered in place of the old one or there is an easier ,cheaper way. First you will need access to your stator plate. The flywheel must be removed. The old connections need to be severed to the old condenser , but kept intact otherwise. Remove the old condenser. A new one can be run anywhere along the line to the high volt coil , either under the flywheel or hooked right up to the high voltage coil. ( the one the spark plug wire comes out of) The small "hot" wire (usually red or blue) that feeds the high voltage coil is where you want the condenser hooked up to and the metal case must be grounded. Then you should have a good spark.