Sealed Beam Conversion

This is a brief tutorial on how to convert a sealed beam headlight to one that can use interchangeable automobile bulbs. This can save a lot of time, trouble and money; if a bulb blows you can replace it with a 75c bulb from a gas station or autoparts store without having to wait for a $30 replacement to come in the mail. And you can still use your existing headlight housing without changing anything else on your bike. Works better than a taped-on flashlight.

You will need:

  • a dremel with a cutoff wheel
  • a car bulb socket - you can find these online around $5 or use one from an old blinker light
  • your original sealed beam headlight



1) Take your headlight out.

2) Mark the size of the bulb socket on the headlight around the sealed in bulb.

3) Use the dremel to cut out the old bulb and leave enough space to fit in the new one

4) You may need to break the old bulb to get it out all the way. If your new socket has tabs, dremel those in also. 4removetabs.jpg

4) Fit your new bulb into the socket and insert into the headlight. Glue, tape or other means of attaching may be necessary. GOOP provides a good, flexible, and fairly permanent hold, tape is better for on-the-fly swaps.

6) Reinstall your headlight as before and wire up like you did your original.

7) Slap on your headlight sticker of choice and blast.