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The Vespa Bravo is the only Vespa moped made with a detachable gas tank. An owner's manual can be found here:


Fuel: Gasoline with a 2% oil mixture.

Fuel consumption: Varies according to riding conditions, your weight, and the condition of the moped. The Bravo has been known to get up to 150mpg, and can get up to 125 miles on one tank of fuel.

Fuel Capacity: 4/5 gallon (includes 1/7 gallon reserve)

Total Dry Weight: 81-93 pounds, not including accessories.

Brakes: Front and rear drum, operated by handlebar levers (similar to a bicycle)

Engine: Single Cylinder two stroke rotary induction. 49.77 cc (3.03 cu. in.)

Transmission: Trapezoidal belt drive from engine to rear wheel, with automatic centrifugal clutch.

Pedal Transmission: Sprocket with crank, roller chain, free wheel sprocket, (28/18 ratio).

Choke: Engaged by lever above pedals. Disengages automatically when throttle is opened.

Startup: Automatically starts by pedalling.


Standard Factory Equipment (from original factory): Front suspension with hydraulic telescopic forks and helical springs. Rear suspension with dual co-axial spring dampers. Variable ratio drive for added acceleration and power on hills. Adjustable handlebar. Speedometer. Steering lock. Rear rack with springloaded chrome clamp. Oil measure cup, tool kit, and rear view mirror. Mudguard on front fender.

Super Deluxe: Same as above equipment, Plus turn signals and battery, and side storage compartment. (Engine magneto automatically recharges battery.)

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