Brand links

Below are links to either the official moped Manufacturer's websites or sites devoted solely to a single moped brand.

Brand Specific Links


While not too useful for moped fans, it's interesting to see that Mexican manufacturer Carabela is still in business. They seem to sell scooters now.


Official website for GenZe brand electric two-wheel vehicles.

Hero Majestic Mopeds

This is Hero Mopeds web site, it gives you the lowdown on new Hero mopeds, with technical specs and photos.

Modular Vehicles, Inc.

A manufacturer of custom 3-wheeled mopeds featuring a modular chassis that accommodates various bodies including ice cream freezers, hot beverage dispensers, freight bodies, etc.

This is a website with information for Jawa mopeds.


This is the main company. To get to the bikes, click Group Companies, then click Kinetic Engineering Ltd. To go directly, click here. Very recently, Kinetic 2 Wheelers has become Mahindra 2 Wheelers. I noticed this change as I was posting this link. Same bikes, though.


This is the new company that bought out the valuable Kreidler brand name. All vehicles are now produced in far east, no mopeds but poor scooters and bicycles. When the production at Kreidler / Kornwestheim filed for bankruptcy in 1982, the plant was sold. Today you can find a mix of flat housings and small office buildings on the area.


Kymco's corporate website, seemingly not really into mopeds, but have some pretty hot 50cc scooters. Good if you are looking for some specs on your bike.

Morini Franco Motori

I didn't think they were still around, but here it is, Morini's website. Morini put a lot of engines on a lot of mopeds. Now if I could only find a Minarelli website.

A homepage all about the NSU Quickly. The site helps people restore their NSU mopeds and get them back on the streets. There is a forum there where technical issues are discussed and lots of technical information with detailed dimensions of a huge variety of parts. Although the site is written in German, one of the forums is for English speakers. The administrator of the is User:Nsumopedfahrer.


The international website for Piaggio (maker of Vespa). Well made and interesting. Definitely worth a look if you're a scooter fan. Also information on the latest Ciao model.

Polini Motori

This is a very extensive listing of Polini performance parts for most all brands of moped. We are talking crazy parts, including water cooling, clutches, overbore kits, and mufflers. They even have an English version now.

Sachs Mopeds

The 2 wheeled division of Sachs.

Solex USA

This is the website for Solex (Velocruz) in North America. We offer parts, service, and are happy to help any Solex enthusiast with their project.

Solo History

The main Solo site doesn't have any moped info, since they aren't in the business anymore. They do however have a history page with moped info, particularly in the 70's.

Splitfire Sparkplugs Catalog

This is a really awesome page that lets you pick out your moped, and it tell you what Splitfire spark plug is rated for your bike.


A history of Italjet mopeds and motor-bikes. At the bottom of the page there are photos of every bike Italjet introduced each year.

Tomos Tomos' official website.

Has information on current models (some not available in the US) as well as photo gallery of older models. Information in English and Slovenian.

Tomos USA

This is the US division of Tomos. It's similar in look and content to the main Tomos site, but offers US specific news and product information.

Velosolex America

This is the new home for Solex distribution in the US. Find out about the history of the brand, get the latest Solex news, find out where to buy them, and learn about the new 2004 model.