Blog tutorials and reviews


Sealed bearing conversion for Puch snowflake wheels.
Sealed bearing conversion for Garelli snowflake (mag) wheels.

Frame/Gas Tank

Removing rust from a moped gas tank.

Kits and Top End Stuff

Review of kits for the Honda Hobbit (PA50)
A technique for mapping ports and porting cylinders.
Lots of great tips and advice for people wanting to build a fast and reliable Puch Polini.

Transmissions and Bottom End Stuff

How to press on crank bearings without having to heat or freeze anything.
YouTube video of removing and modifiying Vespa moped variator.
YouTube video of relining 1st and 2nd gear Tomos clutch shoes.
YouTube video of Jesse's instructions of keeping oil from tomos engines from splashing on the rear tire.

General Performance

Building a fast and reliable Hobbit.
Also, a response to this blog entry.
About ignition timing, and why it's important for making your moped run good
About crankcase compression, and how it affects how your moped runs.
How to case match without splitting the case.
How to clean a Vespa Sha carburetor write up and video.

Electrical Components

Installing a cheap and reliable CDI system on your Derbi


Some good general Motobecane advice


Why your moped isn't as bad for the environment as all the tree huggers say it is.
Overview of a 1980 Puch Magnum Restoration Project