Av10 to av7 pullstart mod

This will show you what is needed to modify the av10 pull start to fit the av7.

Later I found out the vm18 is too wide when the pull starter is on. There's welded bolts on the back plate that cock it sideways so I had to ghetto up an extension to the motion left vm18 intake. The Dellorto Sha is fine with the shorty intake.

Pullstart av10 treats.jpeg

You need to cut out the sharpie stuff.

Pullstart av10 treats-cutout.jpeg

Pullstart av10 treats-cutout on motor.jpeg

So you will need to space out the pull start bc after you start the bike the two bars inside need to retract far enough not to get eaten up. You honestly need at least 7 of those washers for each bolt or the height of the stock metal head inserts which actually work look better.

Pullstart av10 treats-spacing.jpeg

Its hard to see but the welded bolt on the back plate is in the way for the vm18 to fit without cocking it sideways really far.

Pullstart av10 treats-issue1.jpeg Pullstart av10 treats-issue2.jpeg

So what can you do about this? Ghetto everything the fuck up...

So I don't recommend going my route bc it's bullshit but here's what I did.

Got a copper plumbing piece from the hardware store that was a bit too small bc nothing fit over unless it was really over. So I had to cut a big ass slit and bang it on. Now it has all these lil openings that need to be sealed. I just used solder instead of JB weld but it's whatever. I was surprised the solder never got hot enough to melt while the motor was running but I'm glad.

Pullstart av10 treats-vm18-small.png

Issues with the pull starter itself:

So the actual pull start is a total janky piece of shit that you can buy on Amazon and you most likely will have to replace it but there are some mods you can do to help extend the life of it.

So where the string is knotted. Undo that and grab you a little square nut... The actual square ones... That is just the right size to lay in there without popping up very.

Pullstart av10 treats-alter.png

Get a better fucking string. This stupid bitch has broken on me at least 6 times bc I'm a drunk asshole when I yank on that shit sometimes

So there is a version on this pull start on Amazon that has a different design to hold the big ass spring. WHY is this important? Have you ever had to recoil and pack a fucking pull start spring? It's fucking hell....HELL!!!!

Pullstart av10 treats-replacement.png

So this pull start has the spring coiled and held by the white piece versus the one that comes in the kit. The one in the kit makes you try n jam it down in the black piece which is hard as fuck and when that damn spring comes free it's scary as fuck bc it's like a dull knife swirling around.

Here are the hole spacing sizes.

Pullstart av10 treats-holespacing.png