Alan Squids MA Report

Moped Army: A Force of Time

By AlanSquid P. 5 English Room 103 8/25/09

‘Throughout history there has been moped. There are 2 to 10 mopeds to choose from. I have 2 moped and they are good. In this essay I hope to prove that moped has existed, moped comes in variety, and that moped Army is important to people.

Jimmy Johns said ‘Moped is the way of life.’ He is in the army of mopeds, and that’s a really good army! Guys ride mopeds and then they go to rides and then parties and then bed. It is a three step process. Because, as Johns continues, ‘I think that Army is the way that i met some of my friends.’ Arguments such as this are not to be argued with, Moped Army is important.

There are lots of mopeds, from Chinese to Japanese kinds. Some come with horns, even. Frank Douglas writes ‘Mopeds come in varieties. Some come with horns.’ I know I have personally seen at least 4 different kinds of mopeds. One was black with purple stripes.

I have two mopeds. These are important to being in moped Army. As Gary Hennessy said, ’ You cant be in it without one!’ Ha ha. My mopeds are important to me and I like the way they are easy to fix and repair and they are very fun to ride. These things make moped Army very fun.

In conclusion, mopeds are important to me and Army. Will they be important to you?